Thursday, April 30, 2009

v7.90.0151 - 2009-04-30 20:43

  • + Added tweak to skip an extra check for existence/availability before browsing to a folder. Set TreeSkipVerifyOnSelect to 1 to skip the check. It will slightly speed up general browsing, and it will make certain folders (e.g. SYSVOL shares) browsable at all.
    Default is 0.
    - You will get no logon dialogs for password protected
      folders when TreeSkipVerifyOnSelect=1.
    - With the Mini Tree the check is skipped anyway by default.
      Unless you use another tweak and set MiniTreeVerifyOnSelect=1.
    - This tweak overwrites the MiniTreeVerifyOnSelect tweak: if
      TreeSkipVerifyOnSelect=1 then MiniTreeVerifyOnSelect has no
  • * Folder Thumbnails: Reduced supported image extensions to jpg, png, gif (looked for in that order). Who would create a "folder.jpeg" or "folder.bmp" anyway?
  • ! Scripting: Another "if" block bug fixed.
  • ! Scripting: Bug concerning the "$i++/--" syntax fixed.