Wednesday, October 31, 2007

v6.40.0033 - 2007-10-31 11:03

  • + CKS: added new commands to "Miscellaneous File Operations":
      - Copy Here to New Subfolder... (Ctrl+Shift+C)
      - Move Here to New Subfolder... (Ctrl+Shift+M)
  • * Added loads of air to general file system browsing. App is more responsive now when browsing huge folders or deeply nested branches.
  • ! Crash when trying to browse via breadcrumb while a sticky MDBU preview is up (right-clicked thumbnail). Fixed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

v6.40.0032 - 2007-10-30 12:45

  • * Added loads of air to the Backup operation. App should be more responsive now. Remember, however, that this process is not running in a background thread. If your backup job is huge then simply open another instance of XYplorer, instead of trying to get something done in the same instance that is backupping right now.
  • ! Preview/Thumbnails of transparent PNGs (32-bit ARGB): Finally worked around the known, admitted, but never fixed GDI+ bug that forced me to show transparent PNGs on a black background instead of white, in order to avoid the blue tint that otherwise results from this bug. Took me two full days, yippee!!! And it's not even any slower than the buggy MS original! From the pure coding perspective this is the best code I've done since 256-level Boolean search!
  • ! CKS: User functions (UDCs) were not ordered correctly within their categories. Fixed.

Monday, October 29, 2007

v6.40.0026 - 2007-10-29 12:48

The warnings about UDC from v6.40.0014-v6.40.0019 being in "play-around-state" are now discontinued and UDC is now considered stable.

  • * The Configuration dialog now remembers its last screen position. The position is NOT remembered between sessions (reason: avoid to lose the window). The initial default position is always center of screen.
  • ! These three XY only Environment Variables...
    ... returned paths with a trailing backslash. Fixed. Now they come unslashed.
  • ! Crash when trying to open a modal dialog (e.g. "About") on top of a sticky MDBU preview (right-clicked thumbnail). Fixed.
  • ! Display glitch when horizontally shrinking the main window with the Navigation Panel hidden. Fixed.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

v6.40.0025 - 2007-10-28 14:30

  • + Info Panel | Find Files | Contained Text: added checkbox "Invert". Check it to find all files NOT containing the given text string. Note that the Contained Text filter never returns folders (although they naturally do NOT contain any given text string).
  • + Configuration | Startup & Exit: added "Permanent startup path". Here you can set a path that will always be the startup path, even if you closed the app on another path and saved this other path to the INI file. If "Permanent startup path" is empty then everything is as it has always been: XYplorer starts where it was closed last time (if "Save settings on exit" is enabled).
    Note: If XY was closed in Find mode, then the "Permanent startup path" will auto-set the mode to browse on next startup.
  • + Configuration | Startup & Exit: added option "Startup minimized". Check it to always startup minimized. Useful when XYplorer is auto-launched upon boot.
  • + New Tweak: now you can disallow a find operation on startup (which otherwise is triggered when you closed the app in Find mode). In the INI you'll find a new key:
    Set it to 1 to always startup in Browse mode.
  • * Configuration | Color Filters: the typical pattern-based color coding (e.g. *.png;*.jpg;*.gif) is, of course, not meaningful for the Tree folders, so from now on, these patterns will only be applied to the list. In other words: the Tree color coding is constricted to attribute patterns, e.g. /s, /c, /e (= /system, /compressed, /encrypted), etc.
  • ! Going Up and Breadcrumb did not work/look as expected when the current List was blocked/grey because the tab's path is not available anymore. Fixed.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

v6.40.0022 - 2007-10-27 14:30

  • + Configuration | Color Filters: I finally made up my mind about color coding the Tree. Now it can be done.
  • + UDC: added new command category "Rename". It comes in four flavours:
      - It's a Batch Rename pattern. Show preview.
      - It's a Batch Rename pattern. No preview.
      - It's a Regular Expression. Show preview.
      - It's a Regular Expression. No preview.
    Might feel a bit unusual to append the binary choice "Show/No Preview" like this, but it keeps the interface lighter which otherwise would need a hideable checkbox which is not worth the pain for now. The rules for the patterns are, of course, identical to the ones in Rename Special | Batch Rename and Rename Special | RegExp Rename.
    This is the last UDC command category for now. Later, in v6.60 I will add a very powerful one called "Free Script" (or so) and which will finally add my vision of a very simple user-friendly scripting to XY!
  • ! List: scrolling by keys (Home, End...) did not work as expected when the focused item was out of view. Fixed.
  • ! List: Renaming via edit box failed when triggering the rename (and closing the box) by clicking the list. Fixed.
  • ! Breadcrumb: "MyComputer" command was broken since 3 days. Fixed.

Friday, October 26, 2007

v6.40.0020 - 2007-10-26 13:16

  • + Menu Edit | Backup To: Now the Catalog (Items and Categories) is supported as source for backup operations. To cope with distributed source items, the paths of the items are *fully* recreated in the target folder, including the drive letter (resp. server name). For example, if the selected Catalog Category contains these items...
      - C:\project\code\
      - D:\www\project\code\
      - \\cary\grant\hat\black.ico
      - \\cary\grant\suit\black.ico
    ... and you backup them today to E:\Backup\<dyyyy-mm-dd>, then the resulting copies will be:
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\C\project\code\
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\D\www\project\code\
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\cary\grant\hat\black.ico
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\cary\grant\suit\black.ico
    This is the only way to guarantee that no merging/overwriting of homonymous items happens. And by the way, it's also a nice way to tell you quickly and exactly where a backup came from. Of course, you have to take care with huge path names, else you will hit the 260 char limit sooner than you think. The Backup Report will state as source: "[multiple source locations, fully recreated in target]".
  • * Backing up search results: now, if the search has been done over multiple locations (> 1 location in Location field) then the same method as described above (Backup from Catalog) is applied to avoid any collisions. This has not been handled before, so this point could also be filed under bug fixes.
  • * Menu Edit | Move To is not allowed from Catalog anymore. It would render the Catalog useless.
  • ! Fixed a glitch with the "Preview Now" button.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

v6.40.0019 - 2007-10-25 13:00

This UDC thing is still just in the play-around-state! So do not put too much effort in it now. This new version will (again!) reset your udc.dat to nothing, because I had to change the internal structure a little..

  • +++ Menu Edit | Move/Copy/Backup To now work from Catalog! Also the relevant KS are now active if the focus is on Catalog, i.e. the KS scope has been enlarged. The smart part: If a Catalog Item is selected the item is taken, if a Catalog Category is selected, *all* items (that are pointing to copyable file system units) inside the Category are taken.
    NOTE: !!! Try with care, it's still *very* fresh !!!
    Note that the combination Backup-To-from-Catalog does not work yet (you'll get a message box), because I don't know yet how to handle the completely distributed source locations that are possible within a Catalog Category. How much of the source path should I recreate in the destination...?
    Note further that the combination Move-To-from-Catalog is probably not very useful since after it the Catalog items will point into nothingness... I'll probably take that out... what do you think?
  • * UDC | Open With. Now handling of items is done smarter so that more items can be passed to a single instance of the opening application before the 2KB limit for command lines is reached. This new way, however, works only in Browse mode, where it is guaranteed that all files reside in the same location (which then
    is passed as the default look up path.
  • + Configuration: added new section called "Startup & Exit".
  • + Configuration: added new option "Open new instance always" that lets you control whether the app always creates a new instance or re-uses an already running previous instance. The latter had been the hard-coded default up to now.
  • * When renaming a file that's being previewed, the preview has to be closed before the rename can take place (else the file would be locked). Now, I allow 100 msec extra time for the closing of the preview. That should fix issues some users had with renaming previewed DOC and PDF files.
  • * Before, I slashed (put a backslash to the end) environment paths.
      So, e.g.
      was resolved to
      C:\Program Files\\XYplorer\
    The double slash, of course, creates a problem. Now, I changed this (no more slashing). So %programfiles%\XYplorer\ now will work in the address bar as expected.
  • + Preview: added "Preview Now" button to the Preview tab, visible if "File type excluded from preview in configuration." Click it to immediately preview the focused file.
  • * Preview: now, if "File type excluded from preview in configuration.", a single call of menu File Preview (Ctrl+Q) or a single press of the "Preview" TB button (although it is in pressed state!) will suffice to actually preview the focused file. Before you needed two calls/presses. Of course, you can as well press the new "Preview Now" button.
  • ! List: Scrolling by wheel did 6 lines (dep on your mouse settings) even if only 3 lines were visible per page (view port), for example in a Thumbnails view. Now scrolling by wheel does maximally one page, so that no lines are skipped.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

v6.40.0016 - 2007-10-24 12:41

This UDC thing is still just in the play-around-state! So do not put too much effort in it now. This new version will (again!) reset your udc.dat to nothing, because I had to change the internal structure a little..

  • + UDC: added three more command categories:
    - Move To
    - Copy To
    - Backup To
    Note that relative paths and date variables are supported. For example, set the Argument of Copy To to "" to copy the selected files to a subfolder of the current path named according to the current date (today: "2007-10-24"), and auto-created if not yet existing. Quite handy...
  • + UDC | Open With: added total portability to the Application argument. Now you can specify relative paths: they will be resolved relative to XYplorer's path. The same is true for Catalog | Open Selected List Item(s): also here the application can now be specified relative to XYplorer's path.
  • + UDC dialog: added the capability to handle options/parameters modifying the Action. As a first example, the Open With commands now give you the following choice:
    - Pass all the items to the same instance of the application.
    - Pass each of the items to its own instance of the application.
    The first option (same instance) has never been before in XY, so this is also a new feature. Of course, the receiving application must be able to handle multiple arguments in the command string. Only you can find out.
    NOTE: to handle this new capability, the structure of udc.dat had to be changed once again, so your old UDC data will be lost after this upgrade!
  • + UDC dialog: added path name auto-completion (aka "autosuggest list") to the Argument edit field.
  • + UDC dialog: now the KS (if any) are displayed in the Commands list.
  • + UDC dialog: press INS to add new command.
  • * Toolbar: new icon for button "Manage Commands". I did not want to make XY look like an esoteric bookshop... ;)

Monday, October 22, 2007

v6.40.0014 - 2007-10-22 11:45

This UDC thing is still just in the play-around-state! So do not put too much effort in it now. This new version will reset your udc.dat to nothing, because I had to change the internal structure a little..

  • + Toolbar: added button "Manage Commands". Opens the Manage UDC dialog, and has a context menu that allows you to directly jump to managing a particular command category (analog to the Configuration button's context menu). I chose an icon that suggests the Zen-ness of the feature ...:)
  • % Because the way UDC are done now (namely not as "Scriptable Hotkeys"), I could reorganize the way KS are done (which had been designed with "Scriptable Hotkeys" already in mind). Effects: Faster processing, less memory usage, 75% smaller ks.dat file. Don't worry, I wrote backward code to keep your custom key assigments alive.
  • ! Fixed various glitches with UDCs.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

v6.40.0013 - 2007-10-21 17:50

  • ! Manage UDCs dialog: Little display glitch with the Category list. Fixed.

v6.40.0012 - 2007-10-21 14:44

  • + Toolbar: added button "Save Settings". Saves all settings (*.ini and *.dat files), and has a context menu that's identical to the menu File | Settings.
  • + Forgot to mention: User | Manage Commands has a default KS:
    Ctrl+Alt+F9. As always with new KS, it has to be manually assigned: open CKS, go to the command in question, press "Default" and then "Assign".
  • * Menu File: Reorganized and enlarged the "Configuration File" submenu. I decided that the term "Configuration (file)" from now on applies to the current *.ini file proper, whereas the term "Settings (files)" applies to all other configurable data, as are Catalog, UDC, KS, and Cached Servers -- (which are all saved in *.dat files). Accordingly I renamed the menu "Configuration File" to "Settings". Within the now called Settings menu, I added commands to individually save all types of settings to the respective *.dat files.
  • * Changed main menu order: moved User to the left of Tools.
  • ! Would lose any fresh Catalog/UDC/KS/Server settings, when loading a new configuration without manually saving the current settings before. Fixed. Now it's auto-saved *IF* "Save Settings on Exit" is true.
  • ! KSs containing Ctrl+Alt-combinations did not trigger an assigned function when pressed inside Edit boxes. And for a reason: some Ctrl+Alt+[Key] yield a printable character, so I wanted to ensure that these characters get printed to the edit field. However, I did this too generously. Now, most such KS, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+C (Focus Catalog), *will* work (= trigger functions if assigned) in edit boxes, because (at least on my keyboard) they do not yield a printable character. Alles klar?
  • ! If a non-empty previewed file was auto-raw-viewed, and the next to be previewed file was empty, the previous raw view would stick visible instead of showing the "File is empty" message. Fixed.
  • ! Crash on startup minimized to tray with Raw View active and certain other circumstances. Fixed.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

v6.40.0010 - 2007-10-20 21:57

  • +++ Another milestone on the long and winding road to superior productivity and file management fun: User-Defined Commands (UDC)!

    Contrary to my original plans (then called "Scriptable Hotkeys") I did not implement them key-based but menu-based. It took me half a year to make up my mind about this, but it was worth every second of it. What you get now is 100% full control, plus total visual feedback, full mouse and key access, and the possibility to have user-defined commands *without* an assigned keyboard shortcut (which was one of the inherent drawbacks of the key-based approach). Of course, the real power of UDCs start when you *do* assign KSs to them... :)

    You find a new top menu called "User", containing a link to the interface where you manage your commands, and three command categories (I'll soon add more, don't worry...). I attempted to make it as intuitive as possible. Step by step:
      - Open the Manage Commands interface
      - Select a Category
      - Press "New"
      - Enter the "Argument": that's the critical piece of data. It's where you specify the object of the Action. Usually it will be a file or folder, so there's a Browse button to the right of the edit field.
      - Optionally enter the Caption (for the menu item). If left empty, the Argument will be used for the caption.
      - Press Apply to add your edited command to the Commands list.
      - Repeat for all UDCs you need.
      - Finally press OK to apply your changes to the current session of XYplorer. The new menus will be generated in a blink. Open the User menu and see yourself...
      - Now you can open CKS and assign KSs to your new UDCs.
      - Of course, as always in XY, the UDCs will be saved to file on exit unless otherwise wanted. This file is called udc.dat.

    Further remarks:
    - There's virtually no limit to the number of commands, although, being menu-based and having a finite number of keys on your board you will hit a usability wall at some point.
    - The files udc.dat and ks.dat are independent from each other which has obvious advantages: e.g., you can easily switch and share data sets between parallel XY instances or XY users.
    Just keep in mind one thing: the keyboard shortcuts in ks.dat identify functions by numbers and will trigger them without asking questions. So, if you throw a udc.dat together with a ks.dat that origin from different XY instances, the UDC-referring keyboard shortcuts will, of course, trigger whatever they find in that udc.dat. So, when loading a new udc.dat or a new ks.dat, quickly have a look at your "User" menu and see how the KS<->UDC situation has changed.
    - I took the chance to open the door to one of the next big XY features: scriptability! Internally the UDCs are already processed as scripts.
  • % Number formatting faster. You won't note it with today's hardware speed but believe me, it is faster. :)
  • + Added accelerators to menus that are listing tabs. Here's an example ("&" marks next char as accelerators; "&&" stands for "&" char that's not marking an accelerator):
      0&1 - Desktop
      0&2 - Desktop\getclipboard && files
      0&3 - C:\
      0&4 - D:\Download

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

v6.40.0004 - 2007-10-16 13:13

  • + Started implementing user-defined commands (UDCs). They have their own top menu named "User". As an appetizer I hard-coded one UDC of the type "Go To". You may already assign a KS to it (and only then you'll see the menu caption -- work in progress). There will be about a dozen other types soon... plus, of course, the interface to manage them yourself.
  • + Configuration | Tabs: added two more options to "On dbl-click":
      - Open New Tab
      - Rename Tab
  • * Configuration: had to rephrase some labels to make them shorter. This was necessary to support somewhat larger fonts settings as are typical for larger monitors.
      - Suspend refresh during file operations
      > No refresh during file operations
      - Natural numeric sort order (XP/Vista only)
      > Natural numeric sort order (XP/Vista)
      - Zoom smaller originals to fit Image/Video preview area
      > Zoom smaller originals to fit preview area
  • ! Tip of the Day: internal links to other tips did not work in all systems. Changed something that might fix it. #3.

Monday, October 15, 2007

v6.40.0003 - 2007-10-15 11:32

  • + Configuration | Tabs: what happens when dbl-clicking a tab header is now configurable. Find a new dropdown list with 3 options:
      - Nothing
      - Toggle Locked State
      - Close Tab
  • - Configuration | General: removed "Show tips on startup". It's enough to have this on the "Tip of the Day" dialog.
  • % Find Files: Fuzzy matching much faster due to improved algorithm. Credits go to Mike Williams.
  • ! Tip of the Day: internal links to other tips did not work in all systems. Changed something that might fix it. #2.
  • ! There were a number of display glitches with certain user-defined ppi (pixel per inch) display settings. Very hard to fix, but: Fixed!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

XYplorer is "Pick of the week" on Leo Laporte's Windows Weekly podcast!

This is the first non-"release" post here, and there won't be many of these as primary intent of this blog is to keep users updated on release notes, but felt this was special enough that it deserved a mention.

XYplorer was picked by well-known media personality Leo Laporte in his podcast "Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott: 37" as Software Pick of the week, plus this blog was linked to and mentioned also, as was myself as the submitter.

If you don't listen to the whole show, and you should weekly, XY appears at about the 1:06:00 mark for about 4:40 minutes. You can download the MP3 version from this page, if you don't subscribe via iTunes:

v6.40.0001 - 2007-10-13 14:00

  • + List: Now you can paste-file-into-file via the target file's shell context menu. For example, copy some file to clipboard, then right-click a ZIP-archive. You should see an item "Paste" in the context menu if the associated archiver can handle this. Select this "Paste" and the file in the clipboard will be added to the ZIP archive. Most EXE files will support this as well. What happens on paste is basically the same that would happen on a drop onto these files.
  • * Catalog context menu: now the "Paste" command is disabled when the current item is not a folder.
  • - Removed: Close tab on double click.
    (It had been added v4.20.0060 - 2005-11-23 12:01)
  • + Now double click on tab header toggles its Locked state.
  • + Report: Now there's the Choose Printer dialog. However, printing directly from XYplorer is not recommended when you expect more than 1 pages output. In that case you better send the report to the clipboard and paste it into some text editor that offers you a much more controlled printing experience.
  • * Toolbar: button "Views" now has a right-click menu (the same that is popped by left-clicking the button).
  • * Toolbar: button "List Management" now has a right-click menu (the same that is popped by left-clicking the button).
  • + Toolbar: when opening the Customize Toolbar dialog via a toolbar button right-click menu, now the clicked button is preselected in the "Actual buttons" list.
  • + Tree highlighting and Favorites: XY got smart. Now when a folder is renamed or moved, it's Highlight, Boxed Branch, or Favorites state is preserved/taken with it.
  • ! Tip of the Day: internal links to other tips did not work in all systems. Changed something that might fix it.
  • ! Tip of the Day: did not handle ":" (colons) in term text correctly. Fixed.
  • + Tip of the Day: now terms with tooltips can have captions that are different from the target by using the {:caption|target} syntax.
    For example {:mode|list modes} will print "mode" but show the tooltip of term ":List Modes:".
  • ! Little painting quirk in tree lead to darker icon shadows (huh!) shortly after the vertical scrollbar appeared or disappeared. Reason: the icons were drawn twice. Fixed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

v6.40.0000 - 2007-10-10 11:11

Main changes since last release:

  • +++ New GUI. Ux theme visual styles are now (optionally) applied to all interface elements.
  • +++ Major re-design of the configuration dialog.
  • +++ Added a new license type, the "Standard License", which costs only half of the big "Lifetime License".
  • +++ Now you can drag-drop item onto *.BAT and *.CMD files. Of course, this works also with Catalog items as drop targets.
  • +++ Finally complete support for dropping from archives of all types.
  • +++ Now you have "Tips of the day" at your finger tips (Shift+F1). And more: you can easily add and manage your own tips (in your own language if you want)!
  • +++ Support for NTFS junctions, including configurable color coding to make them visually stand out.
  • +++ The Backup file operation now preserves all three dates (modified, created, accessed) in copied files and folders.
  • +++ The New Items interface now supports date variables, just another revolutionary time-saver.
  • +++ Enhanced compatibility with Kontrast#1 (etc.) color schemes for visually impaired.
  • +++ File Info Tips now display "Version Information" for all files that have one.
  • +++ Media Preview: added support for the file extension DIVX (DivX Movie).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

v6.30.0057 - 2007-10-09 13:06

  • ! Lost the ability to drop attachments from Outlook. Fixed.

Monday, October 8, 2007

v6.30.0056 - 2007-10-08 13:17

  • +++ Added new license "Standard License". Contrary to the "Lifetime License" this new license is limited to "one full major version cycle". For example: When you purchase a "Standard License" for version 6.40 it will be valid for all versions below version 7.40.
    It will not be valid anymore for version 7.40 and higher. Based on the stats of the last years, this means you get roughly one year of updates, which includes about 5-10 official releases and 200 BETA releases. This license will be available from 2007-10-10 onwards.
  • + Extended improved support for dropping from archives to Tree and Catalog as drop targets.
  • + Menu Tools | Customize Toolbar: added Ctrl+Shift+F9 as default KS.
  • * Now, the last used INI-file (LastIni key in XYplorer.ini) is only used on startup when it exists, else the default INI-file (XYplorer.ini) is used.
  • ! List: when resizing an X-scrolled list in view "List" from state maximized to normal, parts of the display were not updated depending on the X-scroll position. Fixed.
  • ! A user somehow managed to lose the ESC key as shortcut for "Stop". No idea how he did it (unless he manually fooled around with ks.dat...), but from now on the app ensures on startup that the ESC key is where it should be.
  • ! Hotlist could get confused by non-existing folders in history. Fixed.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

v6.30.0055 - 2007-10-06 11:31

  • + Improved support for dropping from archives. Now it works with IZArc, and hopefully a bunch of similar apps. Again.
  • + Menu Go: added command "Go to Previous Item in List". Jumps to the previously focused and selected item in the current file list.
    Default KS: Shift+Alt+F7.
    Note: if no previous item exists, then the current item is re-selected, and if necessary moved in into view.
  • ! Crash when dropping files between tabs in Windows Classic Design. Sounds weird, but of course this was just a side-effect of the recent GUI re-designs. Stupid copy-paste error while coding...
    anyway: Fixed.

Friday, October 5, 2007

v6.30.0054 - 2007-10-05 18:48

  • + Improved support for dropping from archives. Now it works with IZArc, and hopefully a bunch of similar apps.

v6.30.0053 - 2007-10-05 13:01

  • + Improved support for dropping from archives.
  • ! Corrupt TGA files could generate a crash. Fixed.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

v6.30.0052 - 2007-10-04 18:49

  • ! Tabs hover effect needed a little refinement. Given.
  • + Added some backward compatibility code for recent changes of default settings. Now old users won't suffer a feature shock.

v6.30.0051 - 2007-10-04 14:51

  • + Configuration | Previewed Formats: added option "Automatically show non-previewed file types in ASCII/Hex mode (Raw View)". The checked state has been the hard-coded default behavior since years. Now you can choose.
  • % Raw View: the raw view text area heavily flickered on resizing the panel. I wanted to fix this since about 7 years and finally found the time to do it.
  • * Preview tab: status message now with icon.
  • * Preview tab: empty files are now immediately rejected as empty.
  • * The Tabs now have the ux theme hover effect. The same effect is now also applied to drag-hovering the tabs. Before (and still when not using Windows Themes) this was marked by coloring the hovered caption blue.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

v6.30.0044 - 2007-10-03 14:58

  • + Now you can tweak whether servers (computers) are checked for existence before browsing to a network location. The default is YES, check them. But in some rare configurations the checks are not reliable (servers that do exist are not seen), so if YOU know the servers do exist, you don't need the check and can turn it off.
    In the INI you'll find a new key:
    Set it to 1 to skip the checking.
  • + Configuration Advanced: added option "Find Files commands in List context menu". Check to have the Find Files section from menu Edit in the List's context menu.
  • ! Drag'n'drop moving a folder between tree locations on different drives could lead to a crash under certain conditions. Fixed.
  • ! Thumbnails: black thumbnails could emerge after inserting new images into a cached thumbnails listing. Fixed #2.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

v6.30.0039 - 2007-10-02 12:59

  • + Configuration Advanced: added option "Navigation commands in List context menu". Check to have the items Up, Back, and Forward in the List's context menu.
  • * Slightly redesigned the new ux style tabs. Looking cleaner now.
  • ! Thumbnails: black thumbnails could emerge after inserting new images into a cached thumbnails listing. Fixed.
  • ! Menu View | Caches | Refresh Thumbs Cache: did not always do what it says it would do. Fixed.
  • ! List: fixed various display glitches related to the new ux theme support.

Monday, October 1, 2007

v6.30.0036 - 2007-10-01 10:44

  • *** Ux theme visual styles are now applied to the tabs. If you don't like the new look you can return to the "XYplorer Classic" look by setting the new option "Visual Style" in Configuration Tabs. Note that the new style is applied to the main browsing tabs only -- it doesn't look good at the Info Panel and other tabs. Of course, the Windows Themes style is only available in XP and higher and only when you run the OS in themed mode (not in "Classic Design" mode).
    If you choose the Windows Themes style, you cannot configure the background colors of the tab headers. Later, I will add an even better third visual style, which will be totally independent from the Windows version/mode and have fully configurable colors.
  • + Now you can drag-drop item onto *.BAT and *.CMD files. Of course, this works also with Catalog items as drop targets.
  • + Tip of the day: added option to have it "Always on top". Unfortunately it does not work well together with modal dialogs like Configuration: it's not selectable or movable when a modal window is opened.
  • * Fonts: Interface Font is now only used for the main window interface, so from now on these windows use the Dialog Font:
    - Configuration
    - Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
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  • ! Preview of Office files: you could not switch directly from Raw View to Preview because the file was locked by the Raw View. Fixed.
  • ! A sticky MouseDownBlowUp would stay visible on tab change. Fixed.
  • ! Browse for Network Server: did not work as expected when selecting the top node (My Network Places). Fixed.