Monday, October 8, 2007

v6.30.0056 - 2007-10-08 13:17

  • +++ Added new license "Standard License". Contrary to the "Lifetime License" this new license is limited to "one full major version cycle". For example: When you purchase a "Standard License" for version 6.40 it will be valid for all versions below version 7.40.
    It will not be valid anymore for version 7.40 and higher. Based on the stats of the last years, this means you get roughly one year of updates, which includes about 5-10 official releases and 200 BETA releases. This license will be available from 2007-10-10 onwards.
  • + Extended improved support for dropping from archives to Tree and Catalog as drop targets.
  • + Menu Tools | Customize Toolbar: added Ctrl+Shift+F9 as default KS.
  • * Now, the last used INI-file (LastIni key in XYplorer.ini) is only used on startup when it exists, else the default INI-file (XYplorer.ini) is used.
  • ! List: when resizing an X-scrolled list in view "List" from state maximized to normal, parts of the display were not updated depending on the X-scroll position. Fixed.
  • ! A user somehow managed to lose the ESC key as shortcut for "Stop". No idea how he did it (unless he manually fooled around with ks.dat...), but from now on the app ensures on startup that the ESC key is where it should be.
  • ! Hotlist could get confused by non-existing folders in history. Fixed.