Saturday, October 13, 2007

v6.40.0001 - 2007-10-13 14:00

  • + List: Now you can paste-file-into-file via the target file's shell context menu. For example, copy some file to clipboard, then right-click a ZIP-archive. You should see an item "Paste" in the context menu if the associated archiver can handle this. Select this "Paste" and the file in the clipboard will be added to the ZIP archive. Most EXE files will support this as well. What happens on paste is basically the same that would happen on a drop onto these files.
  • * Catalog context menu: now the "Paste" command is disabled when the current item is not a folder.
  • - Removed: Close tab on double click.
    (It had been added v4.20.0060 - 2005-11-23 12:01)
  • + Now double click on tab header toggles its Locked state.
  • + Report: Now there's the Choose Printer dialog. However, printing directly from XYplorer is not recommended when you expect more than 1 pages output. In that case you better send the report to the clipboard and paste it into some text editor that offers you a much more controlled printing experience.
  • * Toolbar: button "Views" now has a right-click menu (the same that is popped by left-clicking the button).
  • * Toolbar: button "List Management" now has a right-click menu (the same that is popped by left-clicking the button).
  • + Toolbar: when opening the Customize Toolbar dialog via a toolbar button right-click menu, now the clicked button is preselected in the "Actual buttons" list.
  • + Tree highlighting and Favorites: XY got smart. Now when a folder is renamed or moved, it's Highlight, Boxed Branch, or Favorites state is preserved/taken with it.
  • ! Tip of the Day: internal links to other tips did not work in all systems. Changed something that might fix it.
  • ! Tip of the Day: did not handle ":" (colons) in term text correctly. Fixed.
  • + Tip of the Day: now terms with tooltips can have captions that are different from the target by using the {:caption|target} syntax.
    For example {:mode|list modes} will print "mode" but show the tooltip of term ":List Modes:".
  • ! Little painting quirk in tree lead to darker icon shadows (huh!) shortly after the vertical scrollbar appeared or disappeared. Reason: the icons were drawn twice. Fixed.