Monday, October 15, 2007

v6.40.0003 - 2007-10-15 11:32

  • + Configuration | Tabs: what happens when dbl-clicking a tab header is now configurable. Find a new dropdown list with 3 options:
      - Nothing
      - Toggle Locked State
      - Close Tab
  • - Configuration | General: removed "Show tips on startup". It's enough to have this on the "Tip of the Day" dialog.
  • % Find Files: Fuzzy matching much faster due to improved algorithm. Credits go to Mike Williams.
  • ! Tip of the Day: internal links to other tips did not work in all systems. Changed something that might fix it. #2.
  • ! There were a number of display glitches with certain user-defined ppi (pixel per inch) display settings. Very hard to fix, but: Fixed!