Thursday, October 25, 2007

v6.40.0019 - 2007-10-25 13:00

This UDC thing is still just in the play-around-state! So do not put too much effort in it now. This new version will (again!) reset your udc.dat to nothing, because I had to change the internal structure a little..

  • +++ Menu Edit | Move/Copy/Backup To now work from Catalog! Also the relevant KS are now active if the focus is on Catalog, i.e. the KS scope has been enlarged. The smart part: If a Catalog Item is selected the item is taken, if a Catalog Category is selected, *all* items (that are pointing to copyable file system units) inside the Category are taken.
    NOTE: !!! Try with care, it's still *very* fresh !!!
    Note that the combination Backup-To-from-Catalog does not work yet (you'll get a message box), because I don't know yet how to handle the completely distributed source locations that are possible within a Catalog Category. How much of the source path should I recreate in the destination...?
    Note further that the combination Move-To-from-Catalog is probably not very useful since after it the Catalog items will point into nothingness... I'll probably take that out... what do you think?
  • * UDC | Open With. Now handling of items is done smarter so that more items can be passed to a single instance of the opening application before the 2KB limit for command lines is reached. This new way, however, works only in Browse mode, where it is guaranteed that all files reside in the same location (which then
    is passed as the default look up path.
  • + Configuration: added new section called "Startup & Exit".
  • + Configuration: added new option "Open new instance always" that lets you control whether the app always creates a new instance or re-uses an already running previous instance. The latter had been the hard-coded default up to now.
  • * When renaming a file that's being previewed, the preview has to be closed before the rename can take place (else the file would be locked). Now, I allow 100 msec extra time for the closing of the preview. That should fix issues some users had with renaming previewed DOC and PDF files.
  • * Before, I slashed (put a backslash to the end) environment paths.
      So, e.g.
      was resolved to
      C:\Program Files\\XYplorer\
    The double slash, of course, creates a problem. Now, I changed this (no more slashing). So %programfiles%\XYplorer\ now will work in the address bar as expected.
  • + Preview: added "Preview Now" button to the Preview tab, visible if "File type excluded from preview in configuration." Click it to immediately preview the focused file.
  • * Preview: now, if "File type excluded from preview in configuration.", a single call of menu File Preview (Ctrl+Q) or a single press of the "Preview" TB button (although it is in pressed state!) will suffice to actually preview the focused file. Before you needed two calls/presses. Of course, you can as well press the new "Preview Now" button.
  • ! List: Scrolling by wheel did 6 lines (dep on your mouse settings) even if only 3 lines were visible per page (view port), for example in a Thumbnails view. Now scrolling by wheel does maximally one page, so that no lines are skipped.