Sunday, October 21, 2007

v6.40.0012 - 2007-10-21 14:44

  • + Toolbar: added button "Save Settings". Saves all settings (*.ini and *.dat files), and has a context menu that's identical to the menu File | Settings.
  • + Forgot to mention: User | Manage Commands has a default KS:
    Ctrl+Alt+F9. As always with new KS, it has to be manually assigned: open CKS, go to the command in question, press "Default" and then "Assign".
  • * Menu File: Reorganized and enlarged the "Configuration File" submenu. I decided that the term "Configuration (file)" from now on applies to the current *.ini file proper, whereas the term "Settings (files)" applies to all other configurable data, as are Catalog, UDC, KS, and Cached Servers -- (which are all saved in *.dat files). Accordingly I renamed the menu "Configuration File" to "Settings". Within the now called Settings menu, I added commands to individually save all types of settings to the respective *.dat files.
  • * Changed main menu order: moved User to the left of Tools.
  • ! Would lose any fresh Catalog/UDC/KS/Server settings, when loading a new configuration without manually saving the current settings before. Fixed. Now it's auto-saved *IF* "Save Settings on Exit" is true.
  • ! KSs containing Ctrl+Alt-combinations did not trigger an assigned function when pressed inside Edit boxes. And for a reason: some Ctrl+Alt+[Key] yield a printable character, so I wanted to ensure that these characters get printed to the edit field. However, I did this too generously. Now, most such KS, e.g. Ctrl+Alt+C (Focus Catalog), *will* work (= trigger functions if assigned) in edit boxes, because (at least on my keyboard) they do not yield a printable character. Alles klar?
  • ! If a non-empty previewed file was auto-raw-viewed, and the next to be previewed file was empty, the previous raw view would stick visible instead of showing the "File is empty" message. Fixed.
  • ! Crash on startup minimized to tray with Raw View active and certain other circumstances. Fixed.