Saturday, October 27, 2007

v6.40.0022 - 2007-10-27 14:30

  • + Configuration | Color Filters: I finally made up my mind about color coding the Tree. Now it can be done.
  • + UDC: added new command category "Rename". It comes in four flavours:
      - It's a Batch Rename pattern. Show preview.
      - It's a Batch Rename pattern. No preview.
      - It's a Regular Expression. Show preview.
      - It's a Regular Expression. No preview.
    Might feel a bit unusual to append the binary choice "Show/No Preview" like this, but it keeps the interface lighter which otherwise would need a hideable checkbox which is not worth the pain for now. The rules for the patterns are, of course, identical to the ones in Rename Special | Batch Rename and Rename Special | RegExp Rename.
    This is the last UDC command category for now. Later, in v6.60 I will add a very powerful one called "Free Script" (or so) and which will finally add my vision of a very simple user-friendly scripting to XY!
  • ! List: scrolling by keys (Home, End...) did not work as expected when the focused item was out of view. Fixed.
  • ! List: Renaming via edit box failed when triggering the rename (and closing the box) by clicking the list. Fixed.
  • ! Breadcrumb: "MyComputer" command was broken since 3 days. Fixed.