Tuesday, October 16, 2007

v6.40.0004 - 2007-10-16 13:13

  • + Started implementing user-defined commands (UDCs). They have their own top menu named "User". As an appetizer I hard-coded one UDC of the type "Go To". You may already assign a KS to it (and only then you'll see the menu caption -- work in progress). There will be about a dozen other types soon... plus, of course, the interface to manage them yourself.
  • + Configuration | Tabs: added two more options to "On dbl-click":
      - Open New Tab
      - Rename Tab
  • * Configuration: had to rephrase some labels to make them shorter. This was necessary to support somewhat larger fonts settings as are typical for larger monitors.
      - Suspend refresh during file operations
      > No refresh during file operations
      - Natural numeric sort order (XP/Vista only)
      > Natural numeric sort order (XP/Vista)
      - Zoom smaller originals to fit Image/Video preview area
      > Zoom smaller originals to fit preview area
  • ! Tip of the Day: internal links to other tips did not work in all systems. Changed something that might fix it. #3.