Monday, October 1, 2007

v6.30.0036 - 2007-10-01 10:44

  • *** Ux theme visual styles are now applied to the tabs. If you don't like the new look you can return to the "XYplorer Classic" look by setting the new option "Visual Style" in Configuration Tabs. Note that the new style is applied to the main browsing tabs only -- it doesn't look good at the Info Panel and other tabs. Of course, the Windows Themes style is only available in XP and higher and only when you run the OS in themed mode (not in "Classic Design" mode).
    If you choose the Windows Themes style, you cannot configure the background colors of the tab headers. Later, I will add an even better third visual style, which will be totally independent from the Windows version/mode and have fully configurable colors.
  • + Now you can drag-drop item onto *.BAT and *.CMD files. Of course, this works also with Catalog items as drop targets.
  • + Tip of the day: added option to have it "Always on top". Unfortunately it does not work well together with modal dialogs like Configuration: it's not selectable or movable when a modal window is opened.
  • * Fonts: Interface Font is now only used for the main window interface, so from now on these windows use the Dialog Font:
    - Configuration
    - Customize Keyboard Shortcuts
    - Customize Toolbar
    - Tip of the day
  • ! Preview of Office files: you could not switch directly from Raw View to Preview because the file was locked by the Raw View. Fixed.
  • ! A sticky MouseDownBlowUp would stay visible on tab change. Fixed.
  • ! Browse for Network Server: did not work as expected when selecting the top node (My Network Places). Fixed.