Friday, June 29, 2007

v6.10.0051 - 2007-06-29 12:05

  • + CKS dialog: added command "Close Dialog and Trigger Command" to the Commands List's context menu. Allows you to trigger any command right from here!
    Especially useful with the miscellaneous commands, which are not available anywhere else. You now can use them without having to assign a shortcut first.
  • + CKS: new "Miscellaneous" command "Center Window". Description: Center window in screen. Works only if window is neither maximized nor minimized. Especially useful when you lost the main window on a 2nd monitor that's switched off.
  • + Menu Edit: added command "Select All Files" (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M). Selects all files in the List, not the folders.
  • * Menu View | Columns: "Define Current Column Widths and Sequence as User Default" is now called "Define Current Column Setup as &User Default" and includes the columns' visibility. And, instead of a nagging message box you now get a feedback on the statusbar.
  • * Equally, "Restore Column Widths and Sequence from User Default" is now called "Restore Column Setup from User Default" and includes the columns' visibility.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

v6.10.0050 - 2007-06-28 09:19

  • ! Backup Logs were messed up at the beginning since v6.10.0049. Fixed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

v6.10.0049 - 2007-06-26 09:45

  • + Backup: now a failure to copy a certain item when using the "Backup [To]" function is analyzed into one of three categories:
      (1) Source Too Long (> 260 chars)
      (2) Target Too Long (> 260 chars)
      (3) For Other Reasons
    If you use the backup log option (ConfigurationReport), you can now easily see which items were too long to be copied and manually do something about it. When a failure happens, the statusbar progress now turns red.
  • + Added "Filter Out Selected Extension(s)" to the VF toolbar button context menu.
  • - Removed this smart feature (from v5.40.0029 - 2006-11-23 12:49) because it was just too smart.
      Added a smart (sorry!) toggle to "Filter by Selected Extension(s)" [Ctrl+Alt+J]: if the current VF is exactly the same as the new one would be, VF is turned off. So using [Ctrl+Alt+J] two times brings you back to unfiltered view.

Friday, June 22, 2007

v6.10.0048 - 2007-06-22 10:02

  • + CKS: unlocked two shortcuts, Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown. They had been locked from usage because they belong to the standard navigation keys of Windows lists (they move the focus pageup/down without changing the selections). However, this usage is not very important and probably not even very known. And, more important, it has been superseded recently by another more important usage in many apps: Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown are quite commonly used to cycle through the tabs in tabbed interfaces (e.g. Firefox, IE7, Windows Tabbed Dialogs, Excel...).
    I even made them the (secondary) default keys for cycling tabs, so coming fresh from the factory you'll have:
      Cycle Tabs Backward: Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+PageUp
      Cycle Tabs Forward: Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+PageDown
    Note: Of course, when Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown are assigned to cycling tabs (or to whatever you like), they lose their functionality of moving the focus in lists.
  • + Menu View | Current Tab: added command "Filter Out Selected Extension(s)". Sets a Visual Filter to *not* show items with the same extension(s) as the List's selected item(s). In other words: hide the items of the currently selected type(s). Default KS:
  • * Toolbar: tuned some of the "Window"-menu related icons, again.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

v6.10.0045 - 2007-06-19 09:07

  • * When you enable Auto-Refresh you now get an immediate automatic Refresh File List (F5) with it, because a fresh list right now is very likely what you want when going for Auto-Refresh.
  • ! Toolbar's Auto-Refresh buttons were not updated when changing Auto-Refresh via Configuration dialog. Fixed.
  • ! Raw View: Extracting text from binary files created an empty file when the currently scanned file was renamed during the process. Fixed.
  • * Toolbar: tuned some of the "Window"-menu related icons.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

v6.10.0044 - 2007-06-16 22:00

  • * Toolbar: "Show/Hide Tree" has a new icon, a new name ("Show/Hide Navigation Panel"), and a new logic: Now the button is pressed when the Navigation Panel (= Tree (and Catalog)) is shown.
  • * When you reactivate Auto-Refresh by disabling "Suspend Auto-Refresh" you now get an immediate automatic Refresh File List (F5) with it, because a fresh list is very likely what you want when you move back to the fresh side.
  • ! Configuration | Previewed Formats: Excluded formats were forgotten if Configuration dialog was OKed and the Previewed Formats tab had not been shown (and the lists not been filled). Fixed.
  • + INI Tweak: SetFocusToListAfterCatalog.
  • * Menu Window: the old "High Tree" option is now called "Wide Info Panel", and moved up from the "Layout" submenu to the main "Window" menu. Also the toolbar button graphics of "Wide Info Panel" (before "High Tree") and "Show Info Panel" were swapped, suggesting that the new default state is a non-wide Info Panel.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

v6.10.0042 - 2007-06-10 21:10

Main changes since last release:

  • +++ Image preview: Highest-quality resampling now even with huge pictures.
  • +++ Bugs fixed.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

v6.10.0040 - 2007-06-09 12:49

  • ! Dbl-click on empty space in list: did not go up when the list was empty. Fixed.
  • ! Breadcrumb showed fictitious folder under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • * Preview of videos: removed the "Snapshot" button. Instead added a "Snapshot Video Preview" command to the media preview dropdown menu, plus a Miscellaneous keyboard shortcut defaulting to Ctrl+F11.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Tip: non-AVI video snapshots might turn out totally black. In this case do the following:
      Adjust Hardware Acceleration
      In Windows 2000 and XP (and Vista?):
      - Right-click on desktop
      - Select Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot
      - Then set the hardware acceleration slider to the third notch (from left) and apply the changes
      - Reboot not required

Friday, June 8, 2007

v6.10.0034 - 2007-06-08 16:28

  • > Here's what happens when you start XY with startpath in command line, in wild man's code:
      If any existing tab points to that path
       select this tab
       if 1st instance
        if it is not locked AND
        if "Open command line start path in new tab" is false
         overwrite the current tab
         create new tab
       else [2nd instance]
        create new tab
  • ! With "Don't save tabs" enabled, passing the startpath via command line resulted in a superfluous blank tab on startup. Fixed.

v6.10.0032 - 2007-06-08 12:57

  • + Configuration | General: added option "Clear tabs on exit". If enabled then it does what it says: clear the tabs, so that only the current tab will be there on the next restart.
    Note: Just as with "Clear history on exit" this option actually means that the current tabs are not stored to the INI file in the moment the ini file is written. Which means, that if you exit without saving, this setting has no effect at all; also, when you click "Save Configuration" then the tabs will not be saved if "Clear tabs on exit" is enabled. Same with "Clear history on exit". Hence these options are totally misnamed! See next paragraph...
  • * Configuration | General: renamed two options:
    "Clear tabs on exit" -> "Don't save tabs"
    "Clear history on exit" -> "Don't save history"
  • * Now, when passing the startpath via command line parameter, any existing tab pointing to that path will opened. When none is found, a new tab is created. Of course, when you enable "Open command line start path in new tab" then always a new tab is created.

v6.10.0030 - 2007-06-08 11:03

  • * Now, when opening a path using the command line switch, a new tab is only created if no tab for that path is already open, else that existing tab is simply selected. Before, a new tab was created always.
  • ! When switching from thumbs view to another view while thumbs still being processed, you could experience various degrees of software confusion. Fixed. Now the processing will be stopped first, then you can switch views.
  • ! You still could trigger a slow-dbl-click-induced rename with an evil combination of single-clicks and double-clicks and the help of programmed middle-mouse-buttons. But no more. This is finally fixed!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

v6.10.0027 - 2007-06-07 11:30

  • ! Would not always find an existing server on auto-opening new tab after calling 2nd instance. Fixed.
  • ! Menus containing file names with "&" chars treated those chars as accelerators. Fixed.
  • - Configuration dialog: removed the "Save Settings Now" button. It was incompatible with the expected work flow. To manually save settings to file (i.e. when you have disabled "Save settings on Exit") use menu File | Configuration File | Save Configuration.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

v6.10.0015 - 2007-06-06 13:06

  • + Configuration | Advanced: added option "Cache specific icons". Enable it to obtain specific icons (e.g. for ICO files) from the shell icon cache. It's faster than accessing the files each time. In v6.00.0008 (16.05.07 12:43) I fixed a rare problem with the icon cache:
     ! Icon cache could get confused with items whose icons were drawn from embedded resources (like *.ico, *.exe ...). Such a confusion could be caused by swap-renaming 2 of such items. Fixed.

    However, this fix (which was simply NOT to use the cache for these file types) lead to a slight slowdown in listing files. So I hereby make it optional. I recommend to enable this new option -- you won't have any problems until you swap-rename two ICO or EXE files. And even then, menu View|Caches|Refresh List Icons Cache will immediately update any wrongly displayed icons (it won't update the cache, though -- I'm still working on this one...).
  • ! Would not always find an existing server on start up. Fixed.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

v6.10.0012 - 2007-06-05 09:04

  • + Toolbar: added button for "Auto-Refresh" (w/ pushed state).
  • % Switching directories with "Auto-Refresh" enabled might be a tad faster now.
  • ! Wrong column was sorted after drag-moving the sorted column. Fixed.

Monday, June 4, 2007

v6.10.0011 - 2007-06-04 18:54

  • %%% Image preview: Now you get highest quality resampling (shrinking, stretching) even with huge pictures! There's still a limit beyond which the resampling will be lower quality, but the limit is much higher now (depending on your system around 20 million square pixels = 4000 x 5000 pixels!).

Sunday, June 3, 2007

v6.10.0010 - 2007-06-03 20:00

  • ! There was an issue with "Open Command Prompt Here": the command prompt window sometimes/on some systems (mystery...) showed the wrong icon and was grouped together with XY in the taskbar. Thanks to mwb1100, this is fixed now.
  • ! Configuration | Previewed Formats: Excluded font files had not been saved between sessions. Fixed.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

v6.10.0007 - 2007-06-02 10:08

  • + Configuration | Colors | Color Filters: added color coding by file attribute "NOT CONTENT INDEXED". Use this pattern:
      /indexednot (or /i) -> matches all items with NOT CONTENT INDEXED set
    Tip: If you have no idea what this is, search the web for FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_CONTENT_INDEXED (aka the "the FANCI bit"). It's around since Win2K.
  • + Added "Not [content] indexed" to the attributes on the Properties tab and on the Attributes tab (Find Files), and to the Attributes column in the list.
  • ! Find Files tab | Excluded Folders: could not use the Backspace key when renaming an item in this list because it would trigger its assigned hotkey action (default = Go Up). Fixed.

Friday, June 1, 2007

v6.10.0006 - 2007-06-01 10:40

  • + Font Preview: added field "File name" to the info section. Useful when screenshooting a font sample with information, since font file names often have low resemblance to the actual font names.
    Also underlined the font name, suggesting that you can click this name to (de)activate the font (a fantastic feature for designers that few users seem to know!).
  • ! Slow-dbl-click-induced rename was triggered by fast dbl-click since one day. Fixed. Actually this problem could be older on your system if your dbl-click time (aka dbl-click speed) was larger than 300 msec. This is fixed, too.