Wednesday, June 6, 2007

v6.10.0015 - 2007-06-06 13:06

  • + Configuration | Advanced: added option "Cache specific icons". Enable it to obtain specific icons (e.g. for ICO files) from the shell icon cache. It's faster than accessing the files each time. In v6.00.0008 (16.05.07 12:43) I fixed a rare problem with the icon cache:
     ! Icon cache could get confused with items whose icons were drawn from embedded resources (like *.ico, *.exe ...). Such a confusion could be caused by swap-renaming 2 of such items. Fixed.

    However, this fix (which was simply NOT to use the cache for these file types) lead to a slight slowdown in listing files. So I hereby make it optional. I recommend to enable this new option -- you won't have any problems until you swap-rename two ICO or EXE files. And even then, menu View|Caches|Refresh List Icons Cache will immediately update any wrongly displayed icons (it won't update the cache, though -- I'm still working on this one...).
  • ! Would not always find an existing server on start up. Fixed.