Friday, June 22, 2007

v6.10.0048 - 2007-06-22 10:02

  • + CKS: unlocked two shortcuts, Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown. They had been locked from usage because they belong to the standard navigation keys of Windows lists (they move the focus pageup/down without changing the selections). However, this usage is not very important and probably not even very known. And, more important, it has been superseded recently by another more important usage in many apps: Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown are quite commonly used to cycle through the tabs in tabbed interfaces (e.g. Firefox, IE7, Windows Tabbed Dialogs, Excel...).
    I even made them the (secondary) default keys for cycling tabs, so coming fresh from the factory you'll have:
      Cycle Tabs Backward: Ctrl+Shift+Tab, Ctrl+PageUp
      Cycle Tabs Forward: Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+PageDown
    Note: Of course, when Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown are assigned to cycling tabs (or to whatever you like), they lose their functionality of moving the focus in lists.
  • + Menu View | Current Tab: added command "Filter Out Selected Extension(s)". Sets a Visual Filter to *not* show items with the same extension(s) as the List's selected item(s). In other words: hide the items of the currently selected type(s). Default KS:
  • * Toolbar: tuned some of the "Window"-menu related icons, again.