Saturday, June 16, 2007

v6.10.0044 - 2007-06-16 22:00

  • * Toolbar: "Show/Hide Tree" has a new icon, a new name ("Show/Hide Navigation Panel"), and a new logic: Now the button is pressed when the Navigation Panel (= Tree (and Catalog)) is shown.
  • * When you reactivate Auto-Refresh by disabling "Suspend Auto-Refresh" you now get an immediate automatic Refresh File List (F5) with it, because a fresh list is very likely what you want when you move back to the fresh side.
  • ! Configuration | Previewed Formats: Excluded formats were forgotten if Configuration dialog was OKed and the Previewed Formats tab had not been shown (and the lists not been filled). Fixed.
  • + INI Tweak: SetFocusToListAfterCatalog.
  • * Menu Window: the old "High Tree" option is now called "Wide Info Panel", and moved up from the "Layout" submenu to the main "Window" menu. Also the toolbar button graphics of "Wide Info Panel" (before "High Tree") and "Show Info Panel" were swapped, suggesting that the new default state is a non-wide Info Panel.