Friday, June 8, 2007

v6.10.0032 - 2007-06-08 12:57

  • + Configuration | General: added option "Clear tabs on exit". If enabled then it does what it says: clear the tabs, so that only the current tab will be there on the next restart.
    Note: Just as with "Clear history on exit" this option actually means that the current tabs are not stored to the INI file in the moment the ini file is written. Which means, that if you exit without saving, this setting has no effect at all; also, when you click "Save Configuration" then the tabs will not be saved if "Clear tabs on exit" is enabled. Same with "Clear history on exit". Hence these options are totally misnamed! See next paragraph...
  • * Configuration | General: renamed two options:
    "Clear tabs on exit" -> "Don't save tabs"
    "Clear history on exit" -> "Don't save history"
  • * Now, when passing the startpath via command line parameter, any existing tab pointing to that path will opened. When none is found, a new tab is created. Of course, when you enable "Open command line start path in new tab" then always a new tab is created.