Friday, October 26, 2007

v6.40.0020 - 2007-10-26 13:16

  • + Menu Edit | Backup To: Now the Catalog (Items and Categories) is supported as source for backup operations. To cope with distributed source items, the paths of the items are *fully* recreated in the target folder, including the drive letter (resp. server name). For example, if the selected Catalog Category contains these items...
      - C:\project\code\
      - D:\www\project\code\
      - \\cary\grant\hat\black.ico
      - \\cary\grant\suit\black.ico
    ... and you backup them today to E:\Backup\<dyyyy-mm-dd>, then the resulting copies will be:
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\C\project\code\
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\D\www\project\code\
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\cary\grant\hat\black.ico
      - E:\Backup\2007-10-26\cary\grant\suit\black.ico
    This is the only way to guarantee that no merging/overwriting of homonymous items happens. And by the way, it's also a nice way to tell you quickly and exactly where a backup came from. Of course, you have to take care with huge path names, else you will hit the 260 char limit sooner than you think. The Backup Report will state as source: "[multiple source locations, fully recreated in target]".
  • * Backing up search results: now, if the search has been done over multiple locations (> 1 location in Location field) then the same method as described above (Backup from Catalog) is applied to avoid any collisions. This has not been handled before, so this point could also be filed under bug fixes.
  • * Menu Edit | Move To is not allowed from Catalog anymore. It would render the Catalog useless.
  • ! Fixed a glitch with the "Preview Now" button.