Wednesday, October 24, 2007

v6.40.0016 - 2007-10-24 12:41

This UDC thing is still just in the play-around-state! So do not put too much effort in it now. This new version will (again!) reset your udc.dat to nothing, because I had to change the internal structure a little..

  • + UDC: added three more command categories:
    - Move To
    - Copy To
    - Backup To
    Note that relative paths and date variables are supported. For example, set the Argument of Copy To to "" to copy the selected files to a subfolder of the current path named according to the current date (today: "2007-10-24"), and auto-created if not yet existing. Quite handy...
  • + UDC | Open With: added total portability to the Application argument. Now you can specify relative paths: they will be resolved relative to XYplorer's path. The same is true for Catalog | Open Selected List Item(s): also here the application can now be specified relative to XYplorer's path.
  • + UDC dialog: added the capability to handle options/parameters modifying the Action. As a first example, the Open With commands now give you the following choice:
    - Pass all the items to the same instance of the application.
    - Pass each of the items to its own instance of the application.
    The first option (same instance) has never been before in XY, so this is also a new feature. Of course, the receiving application must be able to handle multiple arguments in the command string. Only you can find out.
    NOTE: to handle this new capability, the structure of udc.dat had to be changed once again, so your old UDC data will be lost after this upgrade!
  • + UDC dialog: added path name auto-completion (aka "autosuggest list") to the Argument edit field.
  • + UDC dialog: now the KS (if any) are displayed in the Commands list.
  • + UDC dialog: press INS to add new command.
  • * Toolbar: new icon for button "Manage Commands". I did not want to make XY look like an esoteric bookshop... ;)