Sunday, October 28, 2007

v6.40.0025 - 2007-10-28 14:30

  • + Info Panel | Find Files | Contained Text: added checkbox "Invert". Check it to find all files NOT containing the given text string. Note that the Contained Text filter never returns folders (although they naturally do NOT contain any given text string).
  • + Configuration | Startup & Exit: added "Permanent startup path". Here you can set a path that will always be the startup path, even if you closed the app on another path and saved this other path to the INI file. If "Permanent startup path" is empty then everything is as it has always been: XYplorer starts where it was closed last time (if "Save settings on exit" is enabled).
    Note: If XY was closed in Find mode, then the "Permanent startup path" will auto-set the mode to browse on next startup.
  • + Configuration | Startup & Exit: added option "Startup minimized". Check it to always startup minimized. Useful when XYplorer is auto-launched upon boot.
  • + New Tweak: now you can disallow a find operation on startup (which otherwise is triggered when you closed the app in Find mode). In the INI you'll find a new key:
    Set it to 1 to always startup in Browse mode.
  • * Configuration | Color Filters: the typical pattern-based color coding (e.g. *.png;*.jpg;*.gif) is, of course, not meaningful for the Tree folders, so from now on, these patterns will only be applied to the list. In other words: the Tree color coding is constricted to attribute patterns, e.g. /s, /c, /e (= /system, /compressed, /encrypted), etc.
  • ! Going Up and Breadcrumb did not work/look as expected when the current List was blocked/grey because the tab's path is not available anymore. Fixed.