Tuesday, August 4, 2009

v8.10.0010 - 2009-08-04 17:17

From now on (experimentally):
BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • +++ Toolbar: Now large icons are supported. Find the option in the Customize Toolbar dialog (menu Tools). All large icons have been manually created. Also some of the small icons have been redesigned. Credits go to countless free icon archives where I found material and inspiration; but not a single icon was simply copied without considerable manual editing by myself.
    Still missing: Handling of excess buttons right of the view port.
    Future: You will be able to feed your own custom icon set into the toolbar (or share it with others) by creating an image file that serves as icons resource.
  • + Custom Event Actions (CEA): Added another option to the "right-click on the list's white space" event (currently only as a tweak).
    You can currently choose between the following actions:
      0 = Popup the Edit menu (factory default)
      1 = Popup the Shell menu for the current folder
      2 = Popup the Favorite Folders menu (as in Tree right-click)
      (any other value) = Do nothing
  • + Configuration | General: Added option "Enable type-ahead find" (factory default is ON). Uncheck to disable type-ahead find in Tree and List.
  • + CKS | Miscellaneous | Preview: Added command "Close Preview".
    Close any Preview and Raw View.
  • + SC property enhanced. Now you can pass the index of the property by prefixing the number with "#". Note that Microsoft traditionally changes the indices with each new OS.
    These two lines return the same under WinXP:
      msg property("FileVersion", "%winsysdir%\msvbvm60.dll");
      msg property("#37", "%winsysdir%\msvbvm60.dll");
    Under Vista you need to pass another index:
      msg property("#145", "%winsysdir%\msvbvm60.dll");
    Under Win7 you need to pass yet another index:
      msg property("#156", "%winsysdir%\msvbvm60.dll");
  • + SC goto enhanced: Added argument reuseexistingtab.
      Syntax: goto location, [reuseexistingtab]
        reuseexistingtab: 0 = [default] overwrite current tab
                          1 = reuse existing tab
                              (else overwrite current)
  • * Address Bar: Experimentally quick scripts entered through the Address Bar are now added to the Address Bar's MRU. Might save you lots of typing depending on your work style.
  • ! Configuration | Templates: You could define an invalid Number Suffix that would eventually lead to a total freeze in later processing. Now any illegal Number Suffix will be reset to the factory default "-00" when OK'ing the Configuration dialog.
  • ! Blocked search on startup: Triggering the blocked search did not honor quick name searches. Fixed.