Friday, February 6, 2009

v7.90.0105 - 2009-02-06 11:39

  • + Configuration | Tabs: Added option "Cycle tabs in recently used order". Enable it to cycle the tabs based on the usage sequence (aka MRU) instead of the left-to-right position. The cycle functions are these:
      Miscellaneous / Tab Functions /
        Cycle Tabs Backward: Ctrl+Shift+Tab; MouseWheel Up
        Cycle Tabs Forward:  Ctrl+Tab;       MouseWheel Down
        Cycle Tabs Backward, Delay Browsing: Ctrl+PageUp
        Cycle Tabs Forward,  Delay Browsing: Ctrl+PageDown
    Note that going by MRU has the usual "history" logic: If you go backward from A to B, then to return to A you have to go *forward* (not backward again).
  • + SC seltab enhanced: Added argument mru.
      Syntax: seltab [position], [mru]
      mru: 0 = left-right-order
           1 = recently used order
           only applied if position is relative: "+" or "-"
        ::seltab "+", 1 = select the next tab, use MRU
        ::seltab "-", 1 = select the previous tab, use MRU
  • ! Tags: Database was not correctly updated with partially completed file operations, i.e. when you aborted the process at some point. Fixed.
  • ! Since 2009-01-27 the app would easily crash when sorting Search Results by Path AND "Show relative path in search results" was enabled. Fixed.
  • ! FVS and Locked tabs: If the Default tab was auto-selected due to the locked condition of the current tab it did not receive the FVS style of its location instead of the tab's stored style. However, in case of the Default tab the folder style should overwrite the tab style. Fixed.