Tuesday, February 17, 2009

v7.90.0124 - 2009-02-17 13:07

  • + File Comments: Now you can define multi-line comments. The CRLF sequence is internally stored as pilcrow character (¶). Also in the file list's Comment column, which has only a single line per item, pilcrows are used for CRLFs. These script lines create identical comments:
      ::comment "multi-line<crlf>comment.";
      ::comment "multi-line¶comment.";
  • + Catalog: Added command "Insert as New Item(s) Here | Current Mini Tree". Will create a new Item consisting of an auto-generated loadtree() script line containing all unexpanded folders of the current Mini Tree (the command is not available if Mini Tree is off). The first folder is set to the current folder.
    This is a slick way to save a MiniTree for later usage within a single Catalog Item. If you later click this item, the Mini Tree is loaded. This is the only instance where a native XY command creates a script for later usage. A bit unusual and maybe unclever software design. We'll see...
  • + Added tweak to hide the "hand" overlays you normally see on shared folders:
    Set to 1 to hide the hand overlays. It will also make browsing a tiny bit faster.