Tuesday, November 17, 2009

v8.60.0107 - 2009-11-17 10:34

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • +++ Find Files: The Name field now supports comparison operators! This means you can e.g. list all files from A to M.
        <  Less than
        >  Greater than
        <= Less than or equal to
        >= Greater than or equal to
    The operators must be surrounded by spaces and are prefixed to the patterns.
    When strings are compared it's about alphabetical order:
    - Find all files before "m":
      Name: < m
    - Find all files from "d.txt" and before "m.txt"
      Name: : >= d.txt AND < m.txt
      Watch the double space after AND: " AND " must be surrounded by
      spaces as well! The leading ":" is the inline Boolean marker.
    When numbers are compared it's about numerical values.
    - Find all items whose full name is longer than 100 characters:
      Name: len: > 100
        (see next paragraph)

    - Patterns with comparison operators should not contain wildcards;
      they make no sense here anyway and will just be treated as
      characters "*" and "?" in the comparison.
    - The settings "Whole words" and "Fuzzy" are ignored with patterns
      using comparison operators.
      But, of course, the settings are applied with non-comparison-
      patterns. E.g., with "Whole words" enabled, the following term
      will match "a d.txt" but not "ad.txt", and not "d a.txt"
      (because it's > c.txt):
        Name: :a AND < c.txt
      In words: Find all items, that contain "a" as a whole word, and
      are alphabetically sorted before "c.txt".
      - It does not make sense to combine comparison operators with
      RegExp patterns; the RegExp will not be analyzed but simply be
      used as a string in the comparison.
  • + Find Files: Now you can search by the length of an item name. Simply prefix "len:" to the search term in the name field.
    - Find all items whose full name is longer than 260 characters:
      Name: len: > 260