Sunday, March 14, 2010

v8.90.0003 - 2010-03-14 18:35

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  • +++ Special Experimental Edition Attempting To Handle Blocking Issues with File Operations In Vista SP1 And Later.
    Since multi-threading is not an option within XY's current development tools, I opted for multi-processing. There's a new helper proggy called XYcopy.exe in the same path as XYplorer (it is contained in the download packages from now on). XYcopy.exe will handle Move, Copy, and Delete jobs in its own thread, which of course means you can continue working in XYplorer while the file operations are going on in the background.

    Further, the jobs are auto-queued. E.g. if you initiate a Copy operation while another one is still in progress, the new one will be delayed until the other one is finished. One job is triggered after the next, until all pending jobs are completed. This means there is no inefficient pseudo-parallel processing. Yes, I know that this can be refined later...

    This is just the beginning. Currently only the Shell API is employed (with all its nagging prompts). Later there will be options to use other (faster) API to do the work including an interface with shiny real time progress bars making you feel like a pilot in action, etc. Also the Backup operations will be (optionally) routed this way in future.
    But for now I just want to know one thing: Is that blocking issue in Vista/Win7 now history or still present???

    BEFORE YOU RUN THIS EDITION, PLEASE NOTE that this is work in progress, therefore:
    - Do not use this edition for any serious work, certain things
      like auto-refreshing and Action Log are not working 100% yet.
    - Turn ON "Refresh during file operations" (context menu of Auto-
      Refresh TB button), else you have to refresh manually after a
      file operation.
    - The whole XYcopy thing and its behavior will be optional /
      configurable later, of course, but for now it's all hard-coded.
      Note also that XYcopy is only for WinNT and later (not for Win9*
      or ME). And it will stay like this.
  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name:   rand
      Action: Generates an integer random number.
      Syntax: rand([low=0], [high=1])
        low:    the lowest value to return (default: 0)
        high:   the highest value to return (default: 1)
                should be same or higher than low
        return: random number
        echo rand();      //returns 0 or 1
        echo rand(2, 4);  //returns 2 or 3 or 4
        echo rand(-1, 1); //returns -1 or 0 or 1
  • ! List: Better formula to auto-calculate the color of the sorted column (used in inactive pane and when "Apply box color to list" is enabled).