Wednesday, March 17, 2010

v8.90.0005 - 2010-03-17 12:53

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • +++ XYcopy aka File Operations in the Background (FOB): This should work pretty good now, so it's official: XYplorer supports multithreaded and queued file operations.
    Note that this feature is now optional and configurable in Configuration | File Operations (see below). The factory default is OFF so you have to turn it on if you want to use it.
  • + Configuration: Added new section "File Operations" and moved topic "Backup Operations" to here. Also moved the following options from Advanced settings to here:
      File operation progress dialog modeless
      Turn off delete confirmation
      Preserve permissions on move operation
  • + Configuration | File Operations: Added a couple of options related to recent developments in asynchronous handling of file operations.
    - Process file operations in the background: Check to enable the
      new asynchronous handling of file operations using XYcopy.exe.
      Affected are operations of type Copy, Move, and Delete.
    - Auto-queue pending file operations: Check to keep new operations
      pending until the old operations are completed. If unchecked,
      then new operations are triggered in the foreground if
      background operations are still in progress.
      This option is only enabled if background processing is.
  • * Configuration File Operations: Note that the setting "File operation progress dialog modeless" is pointless and therefore ignored if "Process file operations in the background" is enabled.
  • * Configuration: Renamed "Backup & Report" to "Report".
  • + In v8.70.0154 - 2009-12-21 11:45 I did this:
      Menu Tools | Tools Special: Removed the following commands which
      have been rendered useless by the new Recycle Bin support:
        Open Recycle Bin...
        Empty Recycle Bin...
        Recycle Bin Stats...
    But now I changed my mind. Those commands still have their use
    depending on your work style.
  • * Menu Go | Drives... and TB "MyComputer" and "Drives": Now by factory default all known drives are shown, including empty CD-drives. To exclude the latter use the following tweak.
  • + Tweak to show only available drives in Go | Drives... and TB "MyComputer" and "Drives":