Wednesday, August 4, 2010

v9.40.0001 - 2010-08-04 13:25

  • + Configuration | Templates | Date affix (previously "Date suffix"):
    Now this template can define a prefix, a circumfix, or a suffix (previously it could just define a suffix). To this purpose the file base is represented by an asterisk in the pattern. The (optional) date uses the <date ...> syntax known from XY variables.
    This template is employed for example when files are copied or moved using "Copy (Move) Here with Suffix Date Now (Modified)".

    Examples for copying a file called "Test.txt" using various affix templates:
      *-<date yyyymmdd>       = Test-20100803.txt
      <date yyyymmdd> *       = 20100803 Test.txt
      Copy of *               = Copy of Test.txt
      Copy of * from <date yyyymmdd> = Copy of Test from 20100803.txt

    - If the asterisk is missing the pattern is by default suffixed to
      the file base.
    - Each asterisk is replaced by the base, so you can do bizarre
      things like this:
      ** = duplicates the base of the copied (moved) items
    - When upgrading to this version the Date affix is reset to the
      factory default *-<date yyyymmdd>.
  • + Configuration | Previewed Formats: Now you can add files without any extension as a separate file type to any of the file type groups. To do this state "<none>" (without the quotes) as the extension.
  • * List: Now when right-click DnD'ing some files onto a folder, the target folder is kept highlighted while the popup menu is displayed.
  • * Configuration | General | Keep focused item in view after sorting:
    From now on this setting is ignored if there are no selections in the list.
  • + Tweak to select list items by clicking the whole Name column, not just the caption:
    The tweak is ignored if Full Row Select is enabled.
  • ! Catalog: When adding selected items via context menu, the icons where not immediately updated in the Catalog. Fixed.
  • ! Catalog: Insert a New Category Here Clipboard Item(s) did not work at all due to a false index. Fixed.
  • ! List: Drawing glitches and confusion when using the wheel while lasso selecting. Fixed the glitches and abolished the combination of lasso and wheel. Once you wheel you lose the selections and the lasso.