Friday, August 13, 2010

v9.40.0102 - 2010-08-13 17:32

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • + Now you can force opening a folder in the other pane (inactive pane) by holding Ctrl+Shift while triggering the open. This works in the following contexts:
    - All sorts of location menus: History (Back, Forward);
      Breadcrumb; Favorites; Drives; Recent Locations; Hotlist; etc.
    - List: Ctrl+Shift+DblClick an item
      If the item is a file the containing folder is opened and the
      file is selected.
    It does not work in Tree, Catalog, and Address Bar. Quite useful little trick when you work with Dual Pane. Especially nice when the active pane shows a recursive search results listing which you want to explore further on the other pane.
  • * Renaming locked items on Win7: You can now escape the "endless" message loop where Win7 again and again shows the same message by holding ESC down until the message finally disappears for good.
  • ! Catalog did not yet fully support native variables <xydata> etc.). Fixed.