Wednesday, May 7, 2008

v7.10.0002 - 2008-05-07 09:12

  • * Rename Special | Batch Rename: In v7.00.0023 - 2008-04-11 14:05 the mechanism of adding user-defined increments learned to avoid any collision with existing files by auto-increasing the increments as necessary. This smartness was a bit over the top in leading to results that were less expected than a good old collision. So now, the smartness has been made optional (get smart using the new switch "s" for "skip" or "smart") whereas the old way of allowing for collisions is the new default.
      Old   Pattern        New         If b-3.jpg exists
      a.jpg b-<#3>         b-3.jpg     collision!
      a.jpg b-<#3> /s      b-4.jpg     collision auto-avoided
      a.jpg b-<#3>.png /s  b-3.png.jpg no collision anyway
      a.jpg b-<#3>.jpg /e  b-3.jpg     collision!
      a.jpg b-<#3>.png /es b-3.png     no collision anyway
      a.jpg b-<#3>.png /se b-3.png     no collision anyway
    The last two example merely illustrate that the order of switches is irrelevant.
  • ! List: When a tab was pointing to a non-existing location (tab all grey), then an auto-triggered refresh on the current tree folder would refresh that tab's file list as if it would point to the current tree folder. Fixed.
    Also, tabs pointing to a non-existing location now have no icon anymore (this had been temporarily changed caused by some sub-intelligent thinking).