Friday, May 23, 2008

v7.10.0018 - 2008-05-23 10:55

  • ! Batch Rename: Using date variables in Scripting over more than one selected files at once did not work as expected because the variables in the pattern argument were resolved *before* passing the pattern to the rename procedure. Fixed.

    A note on file date variables in the pattern argument of scripting command "rename": To keep Batch Rename in Scripting (::rename bat, ...) in sync with Batch Rename in UDC and in the Rename Special menu, AND to keep old user code working, a file date variable like e.g. is NOT resolved to the modified date of the *current* item, but to the respective modified date of each of the *renamed* items. This makes total sense, is absolutely natural, and has always been like this. Only, in the context of a script, it is exceptional because in all other places, in a script argument is resolved to the modified date of the *current*
  • * Thumbnails Cache Folder: Now it is fully portable, i.e. you can define it in XY's portable path syntax, e.g.:
      Thumbs       : relative to app data path
      Thumbs\      : same as above (backslash is optional)
      ..\..\Thumbs : relative to app data path
      ?:\Thumbs    : relative to this XYplorer's drive
      F:\Thumbs    : absolute
    Tip: In Configuration | Thumbnails, the tooltip of the Thumbnails Cache Folder edit box now shows the resolved absolute path.
  • ! Tree and List: Inline Rename box was slightly misplaced depending on a number of parameters (font size, row height, Windows Theme). Fixed.
  • * Catalog: Now you can drop stuff on locations with a Visual Filter (VF) attached. The VF is ignored in this case.
  • ! Synaptics TouchPad Scrolling did not work as expected. Fixed.
  • ! POM could feature dupes if there were unnecessary quotes in the definition. Fixed.