Friday, May 16, 2008

v7.10.0011 - 2008-05-16 10:20

  • + Menu View: Added toggle "Auto-Synchronize Tree". The functionality is identical to the SC autosynctree, but now has been raised to a more official/available level. Let me repeat parts of the description of SC autosynctree from v7.00.0053 - 2008-04-26 22:02:

    Ever since, the Tree shows basically the same path as the Window Title, the Address Bar and the List: If you change the current path by any of the numerous available ways, the Tree is automatically adjusted to the new location. Even, if you don't really need that service... Experimentally, you now can turn off that automatic syncing of the Tree via the new toggle "Auto-Synchronize Tree".

    With "Auto-Synchronize Tree" off, "Refresh Tree" (F4) will re-sync the Tree without changing the mode. Also turning "Auto-Synchronize Tree" on again, will instantly re-sync the Tree. The setting is remembered between sessions. When you startup with "Auto-Synchronize Tree" off, the tree will be initialized to a
    default state with only the top nodes shown.

    Here are some possible reasons for turning "Auto-Synchronize Tree" off once in a while:
    (1) It offers a uniform maximum browsing speed that's totally
        independent of the nesting depth of the target locations. For
        example, if you quickly need to check size and version of a
        particular system file, it is totally pointless to expand the
        tree down to system32, because all you need is a quick glance
        at that file in the file list. Or, if you have a script that
        needs to visit some location -- why should the tree get busy
    (2) It keeps the Tree in a stable state and position while
        browsing. For example, this can be valuable when collecting
        stuff from various locations via drag+drop into a couple of
        target folders -- no need to scroll the tree anymore: the
        Tree just sits there and waits.
    (3) It makes consequent use of XYplorer's many ways of going to a
        new place: Address Bar, Tabs, Catalog, Favorites, History,
        Hotlist, Breadcrumb, GoTo, UDCs, Scripts, etc. ... they all
        work flawlessly without the Tree, and if you just need to go
        somewhere to work with certain items, you may well be
        completely uninterested in their position in the file system -
        - no need for a Tree to show you.
    While the Tree is an ingenious interface element one must admit that it almost always shows much more information that you need to have at any given time. So, for the sake of informational economy, you now get a "stand-by" button with it.
  • + Configuration | Advanced: Added option "Preserve permissions on move operation". When checked (which is the default and was up to now the hard-coded behavior) then the security attributes of files are preserved when they are moved in the same volume. Uncheck it to have the moved files inherit the security attributes of their new folder.
  • * Configuration: Rearranged some checkboxes on and between tabs General and Advanced.