Friday, February 5, 2010

v8.80.0101 - 2010-02-05 12:18

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • %%% Fast Tag Search: New algorithm gets tag and comment search up to warp speed, especially searches over large areas! Now you can actually search whole drives or even MyComputer for "tag:blue" and get results almost immediately. A definite k-i-l-l-e-r feature!
    A difference to previous versions: Now when you search for tag:* or cmt:* you will get only items that are featured in tag.dat (and are located in the specified search location), i.e. that have a tag or a comment or both.
    Note that the results are, of course, subject to XY's Show filters (Show SYSTEM/HIDDEN files and folders) and to Visual Filters.
    Tip: Fast Tag Search also supports the Quick Name Search syntax.
    So, for example, to find all items on drive E: with a comment containing the letter "q" you simply run this through the Address Bar:
      E:\?cmt:q /r
  • + Thumbnails: Now the minimum column width for thumbnails is configurable. Before it was hardcoded to 120 pixels. To change it use menu View Columns Grow/Shrink Name Column (default KS Ctrl+Shift+Numpad Add/Subtract) when in thumbnails view, which will change the width by 4-pixel steps.
    - This is a global values for all thumbnails views of all
      lists in all panes.
    - The real column width will be larger than the minimum column
      width if the thumbnails would be cropped otherwise. Actually the
      column cannot get smaller than the current thumbnail width + 12
      pixels because of the hardcoded margins around the preview.
  • + Added Portable Tabs. With Portable Tabs enabled the locations of tabs are stored relative to app path (in the pane.ini files) IF app path is on a removable drive.
    Portable Tabs are useful only when you run XYplorer from a USB drive; it renders these tabs pointing to locations on app drive independent from the drive letter assigned by the host system. Currently available only as a tweak, let's see how it works out:
  • * Action Log: Now, when opened from Redo button's context menu, the item to be *re*done next is preselected in order to immediately get a preview of the action to be redone next. Before, the item to be *un*done next was preselected.
  • * Sticky Selection: Now you can drag selected items as expected. While mousedown on a selected item with Sticky Selection enabled will unselect this item at first, the item gets selected again when you initialize the drag.
  • ! Toggling a Favorite Folder did not work as expected on a Locked Tree where the current List path was not part of the Tree. Fixed.