Saturday, February 13, 2010

v8.80.0303 - 2010-02-13 20:39

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • + Scripting got a new command.
    Name:   Copy
    Action: Copies item(s) to the clipboard.
    Syntax: copy itemlist
      itemlist: -separated list of items (files or folders);
                items support environment variables, XY native
                variables, relative (to app path) and portable paths.
      copy "E:\Test\Test.txtE:\Test\a\alpha.png";
      copy "D:\TestD.txtE:\TestE.txtF:\TestF.txt";
      Allows you to copy any items to the clipboard without the need
      to go to their locations first to fetch them.
      It also allows you to copy items from distributed locations in
      one go which is not possible by any other means.
      The command will only copy those items that do exist/are
      available in this moment. Other items are silently ignored. If
      none of the passed items are available you get a   message.
  • + SC ReadFile enhanced by new NumBytes parameter.
    Name:   ReadFile
    Action: Read data from file into string.
    Syntax: readfile([filename], [mode], [numbytes])
      filename: file full path/name, or relative to current path
                defaults to the current file
        t: [default] text
           whether file is ASCII or UNICODE is auto-detected
        b: binary: raw bytes
           each byte is internally stored as double-byte character
           with a zero big byte
           corresponds to mode "b" in WriteFile()
        empty: read whole file
        else:  number of bytes to read;
               if longer than file size then the number is silently
               set to file size;
               if <= 0 the function returns an empty string (and does
               not even try to read the file)
      // read first 4 bytes of the current file
      echo readfile( , , 4);
  • + List: Now the drives listing (MyComputer) supports drop.
  • * Address Bar: Experimentally, the Address Bar now uses the font and
    font size as Tree, List, and Catalog.
  • * Wheel: Reversed the direction of font sizing by wheel. Now it's:
      Ctrl+Wheel Up/Forward: Increase font size
      Ctrl+Wheel Down/Backward: Decrease font size
    Same for other wheel-driven sizing:
      Ctrl+Shift+Wheel Up/Down: In/Decrease row height Tree, List,
      Shift+Wheel Up/Down: In/Decrease node indent Tree
  • - Menu View Show Items: Removed item "WOW64 Redirection (64-bit only)", i.e. the option to turn off WOW64 Redirection on 64-bit systems. Reason: It turned out that the Shell's file operation routines fail to work reliably when WOW Redirection is disabled.

    On upgrading to this version the setting is auto-reset to 0:
    You may still edit the INI file manually (aka tweak) to turn it on again.

    The recommended way to access the native system directory is to substitute %windir%\Sysnative for %windir%\System32. Quoting Microsoft:
    "32-bit applications can access the native system directory by substituting %windir%\Sysnative for %windir%\System32. WOW64 recognizes Sysnative as a special alias used to indicate that the file system should not redirect the access. This mechanism is flexible and easy to use, therefore, it is the recommended mechanism to bypass file system redirection. Note that 64-bit applications cannot use the Sysnative alias as it is a virtual directory not a real one."
  • ! Too aggressive tab width trimming on Verdana font. Fixed.
  • ! Address Bar and other dropdown lists: Background color did not draw nicely unless it was white. Fixed.