Friday, February 19, 2010

v8.80.0314 - 2010-02-19 14:48

BETA versions are now only available for registered users.
Find the download link at the bottom of the License Lounge.

  • *** More UAC related changes!

    !!! TIP: Backup your XY app data before running this version!!!

    Upgrading to this version
    If you use the installer to upgrade to this version and you had no startup.ini in the app path then the installer will create a startup.ini and thereby change your app data path.

    In this case,
    AND if you use Vista or later,
    AND if XYplorer.exe is located under Program Files,
    AND if your appdata are currently located where XYplorer.exe is,

    on first app run after upgrade, XYplorer will attempt to migrate (copy, not move -- for safety and to avoid any lack-of-rights-induced problems) your application data files to the new app data path.
    Before anything happens, you are prompted whether you agree to this, or rather prefer to use the old app data path (in which latter case UAC might give you a hard time when trying to save your configuration next time.)
  • + Menu Panes: Added command "Backup to Other Pane". Does what it claims to do. Default KS: Ctrl+Shift+F6.
    BTW, this command comes pretty close to a nice Two-Way Folder Synch: Do it left-to-right and right-to-left, and you end up with two identical folders, and - depending on your Backup configuration - with all the newest versions from either side.
  • * Backup operations: No more "Done" message box when the operation is done. The status bar message has been pimped up to make up for it: You will now see something like this:
      Backup done in 0.032 sec (8 files processed: 4 copied,
      2 updated, 2 skipped)
    - copied:  files of that name did not exist in target
    - updated: files of the same name were overwritten
    - skipped: files were not copied, e.g. because they were older
               than files of same name in target
  • * Menu Edit | Paste Special: Renamed "Edit Clipboard..." to "Edit Files in Clipboard...". 'Cause that's what it's about.
  • * Recycle Bin: Now you get statusbar progress while restoring.
  • * Nuke: Now the function will pop a confirmation prompt before deleting without recycle bin.
    Note that Nuke will always pop the prompt, also when "Turn off delete "onfirmation" is enabled. Everything else would be madness.
  • * Nuke: Removed this unnecessary and probably confusing complication:
      v5.10.0040 - 2006-09-20 12:57
      + The dangerous Nuke button from hell now always skips locked
    Now Nuke is simply a button that deletes without recycle bin. Later, I will add some shredding power to it...
  • * List: In "List" view clicking an item in a cropped column does not scroll that column into view anymore.