Sunday, July 1, 2007

v6.10.0052 - 2007-07-01 09:22

  • * Menu View | Columns: Removed "Restore Column Sequence from Factory Default". Its functionality is taken over by the slightly modified and renamed neighboring commands: "Define Current Column Setup as Default" and "Restore Column Setup from Default" The "Default" is set to the factory setup on a fresh installation. You can the change it to your likings.
    BTW: After using "Define Current Column Setup as Default" we celebrate the return of the message box (no more feedback on the statusbar). Since it is expected that you rather rarely change your default column setup, a message box is suitable here.
  • * Menu File | Configuration File: "Save Configuration" now saves the current INI file (usually XYplorer.ini), the keyboard shortcuts database (ks.dat), the catalog database (catalog.dat), and (if enabled) the cached servers database (servers.dat). The latter (the updating of servers.dat by this command) is a new feature.
  • ! Selections were corrupted on a Refresh File List (F5) in a subfolder-including search results listing if the selections contained several same-named items. Reason: the same-named items' different paths were disregarded. Fixed.
  • ! History: currently unavailable locations were not added to the history, with the result of slightly unexpected behaviors when navigating via history. Fixed.