Tuesday, July 24, 2007

v6.10.0066 - 2007-07-24 14:02

  • + Find Files: now you can easily switch between modes via a new "Mode:" dropdown list, located directly below the "Name:" dropdown list. Just to make sure: "Mode" refers to the way the search pattern ("Name") is interpreted. For example, in "Boolean" mode the sequence " & " is interpreted as Boolean AND, whereas in Standard mode it would simply be interpreted as those three characters. Note that nothing will change for you (or for your stored search templates) if you keep the mode at Standard. So you can just ignore this new feature and keep on working as you always did. However, when you set the mode to Boolean or RegExp, you will benefit from this new feature because you do not have to set the prefixes (":" for Boolean, ">" for RegExp) anymore that were necessary before to set the mode.
    Note that you still *can* set those prefixes and that they will *overwrite* the setting of the Mode dropdown! If you do, the dropdown will be replaced by a static label reflecting the current mode. (Of course, in Name Searches, as can be triggered via Address Bar and Catalog, you still must use those prefixes to set the mode -- so nothing new here.)
    Developer's footnote: The main benefit, at least for me, is the improvement of the GUI. The state and options of searching are much clearer now.
  • ! Crash on MouseDownBlowUp on thumbnails of huge images (under certain conditions). Fixed.
  • * Now, if you try to browse a network location while you unchecked "Show My Network Places", you get a message "You cannot go to a network location because you opted to hide My Network Places." and no browsing is attempted.