Tuesday, July 3, 2007

v6.10.0053 - 2007-07-03 12:39

  • + CKS: new "Miscellaneous" command "Switch Focus between Files and Folders". Description: In the List, if a folder is focused move the focus to the first file from top, and vice versa. And focus the List if not focused anyway.
    Quite a useful command for keyboard-oriented power-users!
  • * After (un)applying a Visual Filter the focused item is now kept in view if possible. Hey, it even works with VF on Search Results.
  • * CKS: "Miscellaneous" command "Center Window" now does restore the window in case it is maximized and then centers it.
  • ! Tree and List: after a failed rename (e.g. because the new name already existed), the focus was not always put right back to the edit box, so that you had to manually re-focus it in order to close it. Fixed.
  • * Find Files: from now on -- experimentally -- Auto-Refresh is auto-suspended for a Search-Results-listing (aka Finding tab). In other words: Search Results are now frozen unless you explicitly (re)activate Auto-Refresh on them. We'll see whether we like it...
  • * When you enable Auto-Refresh you get an immediate automatic Refresh File List (F5) since v6.10.0045. New: this will *not* happen with search results. To trigger a (re-)search you have to press F3 or F5.