Wednesday, December 10, 2008

v7.90.0002 - 2008-12-10 22:03

  • + Menu User: Added tweak to hide all UDCs from the menu that have a caption (text field "Caption") beginning with an underscore (analogous to hidden scripts), e.g. "_hidden".
    *** NOTE *** Please make a backup of your current udc.dat before
    testing this BETA version! This is tricky stuff and there's a
    chance that your udc.dat gets corrupted when playing with hidden
  • * Tweak HideEmptyUserMenus=1 is now the default setting for fresh installations.
  • ! Mini Tree: The "hand" overlay was not shown for the icons of shared folders. Fixed.
  • ! Mini Tree: Changing the setting for "Show Hidden Files and Folders" (and similar commands) would refresh the whole tree loading all existing childs of the currently visible folders. Fixed: Now the tree remains unchanged.