Saturday, December 20, 2008

v7.90.0016 - 2008-12-20 17:36

  • + Media Preview: Added a way to repeat any particular section of the medium (audio or video), aka "A-B repeat". Looping must be enabled (tick "Play Again") to make it happen. The section is defined by clicking anywhere (no matter where) on the progress bar while the medium is previewed (no matter whether running or paused):
      Ctrl+LeftClick:  Set start of section to now
      Ctrl+RightClick: Set end of section to now
      Ctrl+Alt+Click:  Unset any section
    If a section start is defined then "Go To Beginning" (Shift+Space, or Shift+Click) will go to the beginning of the section. There is no visual marking of the section, so this is a low-comfort / low-documentation feature for the time being. But it works okay and can be useful.
    The section is auto-unset when you preview the next file.