Monday, December 29, 2008

v7.90.0021 - 2008-12-29 11:30

  • + Scripting got a new function.
      Name:   StrRepeat
      Action: Repeats a string
      Syntax: strrepeat(string, count)
        string: string to be repeated
        count:  number of repetitions
        return: repeated string
        echo strrepeat("abc", 2); //abcabc
  • * SC loadtree: Now the pathlist parameter is optional and defaults to the current path if missing.
      Syntax: loadtree [pathlist], [modify=0]
  • ! Crash when selecting EXE with malformed version info. Fixed.
  • ! Find Files tab: Location box showed Visual Filter overlay when multiple locations were separated by "". Fixed.
  • ! Tree folder context menu: "Create New Subfolder here" did enter rename mode for the wrong folder when tree was locked. Fixed. No rename mode is entered in tree since the new folder is not part of the locked tree.
  • ! Folder View Settings: Auto-changed default FV wasn't updated after changing list modes. Fixed.
  • ! Scripting: When parsing multiline scripts, all Tab chars were replaced by two spaces. Fixed.
  • ! CKS dialog: "Copy Cheat Sheet" using "Scope" created a messed up layout because "Triggered on KeyDown" was printed on a new line. Fixed.