Wednesday, December 17, 2008

v7.90.0006 - 2008-12-17 15:16

  • ! Find Files: "Loose Boolean Match" (LBM) -- AND-combining patterns using " " (space) in Standard Mode -- did not work as expected when the patterns contained certain words or characters that are used in Boolean search patterns, e.g. " and ", " or ", " & ", or "(". Fixed. BTW, note that OR-combining patterns (using ";") has precedence over LBM, so the following search term (in Standard Mode)
      a;b c
    is interpreted as
      "*a*" OR "*b c*"
    and not as
      "*a;b*" AND "*c*"
  • * Find Files "Loose Boolean Match" (LBM): in v5.50.0008 (2007-01-06 12:26) a feature was added where you could invert/negate the individual arguments of the LBM search term:
      Desktop?a b !c Find all items that contain the characters
                     a and b, but not c in their name.
    This is not supported anymore! To achieve this you should use the full Boolean syntax instead:
      Desktop?:a & b & !c
    What you still can do is invert the *whole* LBM expression by prefixing a "!":
      Desktop?!a b c Find all items that do not contain the
                     characters a and b and c in their name.
  • ! List: Since about 3 weeks ago, XY reported drives as "currently not available" when they were in fact just empty. Fixed.