Tuesday, June 8, 2010

v9.11.0029 - 2010-06-08 13:34

  • + Preview: Added WPD (WordPerfect Document) to the previewed Office files. Of course, the preview will only work if you have WordPerfect installed.
  • * Info Panel: Removed shadow effect from the tab headers by factory default (no change for upgraders). Reason: Don't like it anymore.
    Tip: You can still turn it on by tweaking TabIPVisualStyle=0 in the INI. In Windows Classic theme, however, the "shadow style" is ignored anyway, even if tweaked.
  • ! Info Panel: Drawing glitch in Windows Classic theme. Fixed.
  • ! List: Type-Ahead Find would not recognize character #. Fixed.
  • ! List: Drawing glitch (needlessly ellipsed captions) with font "Courier" Bold due to Windows API bug. Worked around.