Wednesday, June 9, 2010

v9.11.0030 - 2010-06-09 20:45

  • *** Configuration | Previewed Formats: Rewrote the interface from scratch. Faster loading, better handling, more information, and some minor bugs fixed. And:
    - Now you can enable/disable the preview for a whole type of
      files, e.g. for all Image files.
    - User-added extensions are colored green (resp. color "Marked
      Text 2"). They can be excluded from preview by unticking them,
      or completely removed from the list using the Remove button.
  • * Configuration | Colors & Styles: The factory default for "Sel. Items Back" is now a light blue.
  • ! List: Horizontal dual pane splitter position was not correctly restored when starting the app in minimized state. Fixed.
  • ! List: Currently selected folder was not scrolled into view after calculating its size using View | Calculate Folder Sizes. Fixed.