Tuesday, June 22, 2010

v9.20.0006 - 2010-06-22 20:39

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • + List | White Space Context Menu: Added command "New Text File" to the top section.
  • * Menu Edit | New: Renamed items "New Textfile ..." to "New Text File ...". Appears to be the more common way to write it.
  • + SC sel enhanced: Added argument "startfromtop":
      Syntax: sel [position/pattern], [count], [startfromtop]
        startfromtop: 0 = [Default] start from current position
                      1 = start from top of list
                      startfromtop is ignored if the first argument is
                      not a pattern.
        // Select "Test.txt" in the file list:
        sel "[Test.txt]", , 1;
        - You can pass item-names-only or the full-path-names,
          independently of the list mode (Browse, Find, ...).
        - On no match any current selections are unselected.
  • + SC selfilter enhanced: Added argument "add":
      Syntax: selfilter [pattern], [type (fd)], [column], [add]
        add: 0 = [Default] new selection
             1 = add to current selection
        // First select all TXT files, and then add
        // all items starting with "a"
        selfilter "*.txt"; selfilter "a*", , , 1;
  • * Menu File | Rename (in List): Now, always the focused item is renamed, completely independent of the current selections. If you want to rename the selected item(s) use Shift+F2 (Batch Rename). This means you now can rename individual items out of a group of selected items without renaming the other selected items and without changing any selections.
    I'm aware that this behavior differs from Explorer. Time will tell if it is really better... it's an experiment.
  • ! SC sel: In a search results listing, it would not select a file defined by pattern if the full path was not included with the pattern. Fixed. Now, if no path is passed, it tries to match by name only.
  • ! List: Inline rename box did not auto-scroll into view when necessary. Fixed.
  • ! Address Bar: Launching DOS commands via "!"-prefix did not work when the current path was a special path like Desktop. Fixed.
  • ! Thumbnails: Did not show thumbnails for PSD files that were created using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Fixed.