Monday, June 14, 2010

v9.20.0001 - 2010-06-14 11:52

Note: BETA versions are a work in progress and might contain fresh bugs.
You have been warned.

  • + Drag'n'drop context menu: Added command "Go to Dragged Item". Will go the dragged item's containing folder and select the item, or simply open the folder if the item is a folder. If more than one item is dragged the first item is taken.
    Note: The command is only available for the List and the current Tab of the active pane. But, of course, each hovered tab becomes the current tab after a configurable while.
    Main usage is probably when dragging items or paths from other apps into XYplorer. It's a kind of "Go to by Drag'n'drop" -- revolutionary if you ask me.
  • * MouseDownBlowUp on PDF preview and thumbnails: The shell driven preview of PDF files now can be enlarged using a new tweak. By default it is limited to 384 x 512 pixels. Set
    to enlarge it to a square of 80% of the smaller screen dimension.
    On a 1920 x 1080 screen this would be 0.8 * 1080 = 864 pixels.
    Note that SC tweak supports this tweak, so you can do this through the Address Bar:
      tweak("MDBUPdfLarge", 1);
    Note: Whether the enlarged PDF blow up actually works depends on your system and RAM size. It's not easily predictable. Try it out.
  • * Web & Office Preview: Now, no more address/title and status info on top and bottom of the Preview tab is displayed be factory default. This way the preview area is quite a bit higher than before. If you still want it the old way you can use a tweak:
  • ! Tabs: The selected tab of the inactive pane was not highlighted when drag-hovered. Fixed.
  • * Info Panel: Now when the Info Panel is shown or a new IP tab is selected and there is no current item (i.e. the IP tabs Properties, Version, Preview, and Raw View are blank), then the currently focused list item is automatically made the current item if it is in selected state. Very useful, should have done this
    about 10 years ago!
    FYI, the state focused/selected/non-current can be caused e.g. by drag-selecting a focused file, or passively when copied files are selected-on-paste.
  • * Configuration | General | Show item count: Renamed it to "Show item count with folder sizes" and removed the indent.
    Now it is also enabled if "Show folder sizes in file list" is OFF because it also applies on View | Calculate Folder Sizes.
  • ! Tree: Non-current folder captions were not always reliably refreshed after a script-driven rename. Fixed.