Sunday, March 2, 2008

v6.80.0091 - 2008-03-02 12:12

  • +++ Menu Edit Paste Special: Added "Paste Clipboard Into New Textfile" [Ctrl+Alt+V]. Creates a new textfile filled with the current clipboard contents.
    The pasted text depends on the actual data format on the clipboard; it is identical to what variable <clipboard> would return:
      Clipboard contents   Text
      ------------------   ----
      Text                 The text
      File items           One item per line, CRLF ends a line
      Else (e.g. empty, or images) Nothing
    The new file is called something like "Clipboard- 20080302.txt".
    The "-20080302" part is the date now (format defined in
    Configuration | Report | Date suffix). The file is appended to the
    current file list (aka "lazy sort"), and after creation of the file, rename-mode is invoked. As you see, all this is just like the Drop-Text-To-File feature that creates files named "DroppedText...".
  • % Slightly higher speed in browsing and searching. Even after years of optimizing you can still find something that can be improved a bit.
  • * Menu View | Show Items | WOW64 Redirection (64-bit only): Now it's remembered between sessions.