Thursday, March 6, 2008

v6.80.0099 - 2008-03-06 12:57

  • + Scripting command enhanced:
      - load
        Now the first argument (resource) can be set to * in order to
        refer to *this* resource! Kind of a recursion trigger,
        and very useful.
        Example (multi-script):
        "Copy 0"
          copytext "0", a;
          // load this script resource (file or script)
          load *;
        "Copy 1"
          copytext "1", a;
          // load this script resource (file or script)
          load *;
        Run this script through the Try Script... dialog, or load it
        as a script file -- it will work just the same. Tip: Use the
        keyboard to select the menu items else your menu will try to
        leave the screen towards south-east... ;)
  • + Configuration | Advanced: Added option "Assume that servers exist". If enabled then the check for existence is skipped, with two possible effects:
    (1) It might speed up browsing and start up.
    (2) In some rare configurations the checks are not reliable (servers that do exist are not seen), so if YOU know the servers do exist, you don't need the check and can turn it off.
    The factory default is ON (skip the check).
    Note that this setting has already been available as INI tweak since v6.30.0044 - 2007-10-03 14:58.