Wednesday, March 5, 2008

v6.80.0098 - 2008-03-05 12:52

  • + List: Now there's "Move On Rename", a cute little time saver that enables you to move & rename files in one go. Simply enter a relative (to the current path of the file!) or absolute path into the inline rename box (F2) and "Move On Rename" will happen. If the new folder (or multi-folder path!) does not exist yet, you will be prompted to create it on the fly. Note that "Move On Rename" does work only for one item at a time. For example, select a file in the List and enter this into the rename box:
      - C:\new.png = Move file to C:\ renaming it to new.png.
      - C:\1\2\3\new.png = Move file to C:\1\2\3 renaming it to
        new.png. If "C:\1\2\3\" does not exist it is created.
      - ..\new.png = Move file one up renaming it to new.png.
      - stuff\new.png = Move file one down to subfolder "stuff"
        renaming it to new.png. If "stuff" does not exist it is
    For logistic reasons this is currently only implemented as an INI tweak. You have to manually enable it by editing the INI file:

  • * Menu File | Move/Copy/Backup To: Now the submenu MRU items are prefixed with serial numbers. Also items containing an "&" are displayed correctly now.

  • + CKS | Miscellaneous | Tree: Added command "Create New Subfolder Here". Creates new folder under the current Tree folder, and opens rename box in Tree.
    Note: This command is featured in the Tree items' context menu since long. Before, the keyboard shortcut for New Folder (Ctrl+N) was displayed here, but that was not correct because the commands are not the same: "New Folder" opens the rename box in the List, whereas "Create New Subfolder Here" opens it in the tree.

  • + Menu User | Run Script: items now have icons.

  • + Menu User | Load Script File: items now have icons.

  • * Toolbar: Removed the only two special tooltips for pressed state, namely:
    - "Reactivate Auto-Refresh" of button "Suspend Auto-Refresh"
    - "Unlock Tab" of button "Lock Tab"
    It's more consistent like this, and clearer: With toggle-state buttons, the tooltip always describes what happens when the button is pressed, and the opposite happens when it is unpressed.

  • *% List: From now on, the "Len" column will only be filled with data when visible. This increases the listing speed for most users (since the Len is not very commonly used) and makes no difference for users that actually use the column. The only downside:
    - When you switch the Len column from hidden to visible you have to refresh the list (F5) in order to fill it.
    - You cannot sort by Len while Len is hidden.

  • * Menu Edit | New | New Folder: Now, the rename box is opened in Tree when the focus was on Tree when the command was triggered by keyboard. Before, the rename box was always opened in List when the command was triggered by keyboard.