Sunday, March 9, 2008

v6.80.0103 - 2008-03-09 15:00

  • *** Info Panel got a new look. Gone are the last remnants of Win95 look and feel... :)
  • + Configuration | Startup & Exit | "Permanent startup path": Now accepts portable syntax. E.g. "?:\" to start XY always in the root of its installation drive, or "..\Stuff" to always start in folder "Stuff" which is a sibling of XY's application folder.
  • + Toolbar: Added small context menu to button "Calculate Folder Sizes".
  • * Now, if Configuration | Advanced | "Assume that servers exist" is enabled and you go to a non-available server, the list will be greyed with the usual "Currently not available..." message. Before this did only happen with Assume off.
  • ! List: "Move On Rename" did not work when you entered an absolute path. Fixed.
  • ! List: "Move On Rename" did not reliably work on more complex relative patterns using ".." syntax. Fixed.
  • ! List: "Move On Rename" did not set Last Target path (for menu Go | Go to Last Target). Fixed.
  • ! UDC: Couldn't edit multi-line scripts anymore since some days. Fixed.