Wednesday, June 18, 2008

v7.20.0010 - 2008-06-18 12:22

  • + Added new power and ease to the date variables.
    How to use a user-defined format (just as it was before):
      <date yyyy>
      <datem yyyy-mm-dd>
      <datec yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss>
      <datea yymmdd_hh_nn_ss>
    How to use the current file list date format (date columns in Browse mode) (NEW!):
    How to use the general system date format (NEW!):
      <date >
      <datem >
      <datec >
      <datea >
    Same goes for the <src...> variants, e.g. <srcdatem> to use the current file list date format.
  • + Variable <curver>: Now you can add a textual context that only will be returned when an actual file version is present. This allows for better formatting control. The general syntax is <curver|text*text>, where * is the place holder for the actual version number.
    Examples, each resolved for two items, one with version info, and one without version info:
    - <curname><curver|, v*>
      XYplorer.exe, v7.20.0009
    - <curname><curver| [ver *]>
      XYplorer.exe [ver 7.20.0009]
    - <curname><curver>
  • + Tweak to configure Statusbar section #3: The above starts to make sense when you look at this new tweak (will be elevated to official configuration on success...). Now, you may define a template for Statusbar section #3, and use all XY variables you like in it (I hope your screen is wide enough). This template will be used whenever an item is selected in the list.
    Here's an example:
      StatusBar3OnFile="<curname><curver|, v*>, mod <datem>"
    The above example would result in the following Statusbar texts if you select XYplorer.exe resp. History.txt:
      XYplorer.exe, v7.20.0009, mod 2008-06-17 15:40:29
      History.txt, mod 2008-06-18 10:02:34
    If you do not want to use the tweak, simply do nothing and the entry will look like this...
    ... in which case the Statusbar will use the age old internal default:
      XYplorer.exe [ver 7.20.0009]
  • ! New List Controls (Catalog and various small Lists): Scrolling by mouse wheel did not work with certain mouse brands. Should be fixed.