Saturday, June 21, 2008

v7.20.0016 - 2008-06-21 19:46

  • + Catalog | Context Menu of Categories: Added command "Open Folders in Tabs". Will do the following:
    (1) Close all unlocked tabs (apart from the current).
    (2) Create a new background tab for each folder contained within
        the Category. Items pointing to anything but straight folders
        (like not-existing-folders, files, searches, scripts, filters,
        etc.) are ignored.
    This feature allows you to easily switch sets of tabs.
  • * Shorthand date variables revised.
    - Missing format: Use general system date format.
      <date>, <datem>...
    - Format = List: Use current file list date format.
      <date>, <datem>...
    - The following syntax has been REMOVED:
      <date>, <datem>...
    - If you use <date(m|c|a)> and there is no current file then the
      variable will be replaced by nothing (i.e. be removed).
  • ! Scrolling by wheel: No longer honoured the full screen setting for the mouse scroll wheel since two days ago. Fixed.