Friday, June 27, 2008

v7.20.0023 - 2008-06-27 11:33

  • +++ Menu Window: Added command Show Tree (Shift+F8), which actually allows you to *hide* the Tree. So, the Catalog finally takes over and pushes the Tree off its throne.
      (1) If both Tree and Catalog would be hidden the command is
          internally translated into the command "Show [Hide]
          Navigation Panel" (F8), else you'd see a useless grey
          area left of the List.
      (2) If the Navigation Panel is hidden the commands Show Tree and
          Show Catalog will first make it visible and then show
          the Tree resp. Catalog if they are hidden.
      (3) If you really dig the Catalog and permanently hide the Tree,
          you should also disable Auto-Synchronize Tree in menu
          View. It will give you the full speed Catalog-based
          browsing. Of course, you can easily combine the two
          commands within two scripts:
          // hide tree and disconnect it
          ::settingp showtree, 0; settingp autosynctree, 0;
          // show tree and reconnect it
          ::settingp showtree, 1; settingp autosynctree, 1;
  • + Scripting commands enhanced:
      - setting
        New setting "showtree" (show/hide tree).
          ::setting showtree, 0; msg "Look, no tree!"
  • * Menu Window: Reorganized the sections a bit.